Here’s How VoIP Will Make Your Life Easier

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You’re already busy. If you own a small or midsize business—or you’re just getting one off the ground—you’re even busier. And your phone is likely at the hub of it all. Some days you probably feel like your head’s going to spin off your body. But there’s something that can make your life a whole lot easier: VoIP.


Yes, this funky little acronym—short for “voice over internet protocol,” which basically means phone service over the internet—can dial back your daily crazy in a big way. You may never even have to actually listen to a voicemail again. (Say what! Now we’ve got your attention!)


From getting all your calls to never frantically taking notes again, we’ve gathered nine ways VoIP can keep things manageable and your head on straight (or at least securely on your body).


Your personal and business phone will stay separate—even if you’re using the same phone for both.


Your phone is where your two worlds collide. And, aside from having two cell phones or using an old-school desk phone and checking your voicemail 100 times a day (ugh), you probably figure there’s no way around it. But there’s totally a way around it. VoIP’s call handling rules will keep your business calls and texts completely separate from your personal ones.


You’ll never miss a call again.


VoIP is the ultimate (friendly!) stalker. Not only does the service offer call forwarding to any phone, but a creepily convenient follow me feature literally follows you wherever you go. Not that we’re into following people or anything. Ahem. Anyway! Next!


You can finally text your customers.


If you get texts from businesses, you might be wondering how your business can get jump on the SMS train, too. The answer? You already know the answer! It’s VoIP. The service’s text message capabilities makes messaging your customers—or potential customers—a breeze. (And keeps them separate so you don’t text your customers that you finally found a parking spot and you’ll see them in five minutes.)


It’s like a desk phone, but better.


You’ll finally be able to do all those things you could once only do from a desk phone. Transfer calls! Put them on hold! (And play hold music while callers wait!) You can also put your best foot forward with uber-professional features like a dial-by-name directory and a menu to send callers to the right place.


You can fax on the go.


Faxing is one of those things that just won’t go away. Instead of hanging onto that clunky old fax machine—and, even worse, having to go back to your office to actually use it (bee doop bee doop)—VoIP lets you send and receive faxes from your cell phone. See ya, Faxy McFaxerson!


It’s takes the annoying out of voicemail.


You may be able to skip listening to your mom’s voicemails (Hey, Mom! We’ll call you back in five!), but there’s no way around business voicemail. VoIP makes it way less annoying by sending them via email. If that’s still too much of a pain—and we totally get it if it is—you can have them transcribed.


You’ll have all your business contacts in one place.


It’s tricky enough to keep your personal contacts in order. Add business contacts to it and you’ve got…kind of a mess. VoIP not only keeps your business contacts in order, it keeps them separate from your personal contacts. You can even sort them into groups and seamlessly sync them on all your devices.


You can record your calls.


There are few things worse than trying to remember that really important thing someone said on that important call. Or pulling over, fishing a pen out of your glove compartment, and frantically trying to scribble something down (then attempting to read it later). Call recording lets you relax, talk, and review the details when you’re ready.


You can set it and forget it.


Entrepreneurs and innovators need shuteye, too! They also need weekends and a day off now and then. VoIP’s scheduling feature allows you to route calls—to different extensions, menus, and more—based on the day and time they’re received. You can even send them to an after-hours greeting. And when you finally take that long-awaited vacation, you can plan ahead so your customers get what they need while you relax and recharge.



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