Streamline Your Communications with an Internet Business Phone System

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Operating a business in today’s landscape means constantly adapting to changes in technology. Over the past few decades, communication methods have changed along with customer expectations. With the rise in remote work environments and customers demanding multiple channels of contact, it’s challenging to keep up as a small business. One simple method of offering excellent customer service and staying ahead of your competition is to adopt an internet business phone system. 

In the past, it was common for small business owners to rely on their personal phones for communicating with customers and associates. The problem is that this method lacks professionalism and limits your availability, making it an inconvenience for you and your customers alike. With as many as 60% of consumers saying they prefer to contact a business by phone, it’s crucial for companies of every size to have convenient and accessible phone systems. 

Today, internet-based business phone systems offer professional communication solutions at a highly affordable price. Using digital technology, small enterprises throughout every industry can access the tools they need to handle customers, appear professional, and thrive. 

What is an Internet Business Phone System?

For entrepreneurs and small business owners in particular, appearing professional is important for safeguarding your success. However, this can be challenging without a dedicated customer service team and advanced communication tools. In the past, technology like call forwarding, dial-by-name directories, and automated greetings were only available to large companies. Now, anyone can access these features and more using an internet business phone system.

This type of phone system uses internet technology to handle customer calls and meetings. Businesses can access an extensive variety of features using any phone or web browser. Internet business phone systems even offer solutions customized to the demands of specific industries, such as HIPPA-compliant communications and international calling. Since this type of phone system works using VoIP technology, the only thing a business needs is high-speed internet access. 

How Does VoIP Work?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internet-based phone technology. Instead of using a traditional landline to make and receive calls, a high-speed internet connection and a VoIP service provider are used. While traditional landlines were tied to copper wires and physical installations, VoIP is accessible using any smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

VoIP allows users to make nationwide and international calls affordably and with excellent sound quality. In addition, it offers many bonus features that businesses need to operate professionally, such as call waiting, menu options, voice tagging, and more.  

What are the Benefits of VoIP Business Phone Systems?

Internet-based business phone systems are rapidly growing in popularity due to the many unique benefits they offer. For example, not only are they significantly more cost effective than traditional alternatives, but they also come with a wide variety of business-essential features.

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Some of the key benefits of VoIP phone systems include:

  • Simple to install and implement 
  • Works on any device
  • Multiple carrier options for seamless call delivery
  • High-quality audio
  • Call recording, voicemail to email, and other advanced features

What Features Do Internet Business Phone Systems Offer?

Using an internet business phone system allows you to access all of the features large enterprises have but at an affordable price. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Automated greetings, attendants, and hold music
  • Conference calling and video meetings
  • Text messaging
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail 
  • Dial-by-name directories
  • Queues 
  • Apps to access your account from any device 

These communication systems were developed with the needs of businesses in mind, and the use of VoIP technology enables smaller companies to operate within their means and without sacrifices. They not only help businesses appear more professional but also offer valuable customer-handling technology to connect and communicate at peak efficiency. 

How Internet Business Phone Systems Can Make Your Company More Efficient

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s smart to look for ways of handling your daily operations using fewer resources. The most efficient companies develop solutions for automating as many tasks as possible and adopt versatile tools that provide maximum return on investment. This is where internet business phone systems can give you a boost. 

These services not only automate your communication by answering and forwarding your calls, but they include additional features that allow your business to operate more smoothly. Here are just a few ways that internet business phone systems add efficiency to a company’s daily operations:

  • Set up conferencing easily: Whether you need to connect with a few team members or even hundreds, you can conference participants from anywhere in the world with HD voice quality. For privacy and security, you will have a dedicated, password-protected phone number and will no longer need to use a third-party conferencing provider. 
  • Access call analytics: Gain valuable customer insights effortlessly by reviewing caller data. You can track your busiest hours, call duration, and other information that can then be used to improve your customer service. Instead of hiring a marketing team to compile and organize this information, you can simply review statistics from your phone system.
  • Automatic call forwarding: When you’re busy or away from the office, your calls will not go unanswered. You can have them automatically directed to as many phone numbers as you want. You can even select specific caller IDs to have forwarded and customize your options by time of day.
  • Voicemail to email: Save time by having your voicemails automatically sent to your email account. From there, you can easily listen and forward the audio file to anyone on your team. 

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Internet business phone systems can easily perform the work of a receptionist, marketing team, conferencing service provider, and more. Since they are accessible from any mobile device, they help businesses from any industry maximize their efficiency. 

Features to Look for in an Internet Business Phone System Provider

If you’re ready to streamline your business communications and access the best of modern technology, then it’s time to adopt an internet-based business phone system. But with all of the VoIP providers to choose from, how can you identify the service that will best meet the needs of your company?

The following are some key features you should keep in mind when deciding what provider is right for you. 

A Focus On Businesses of Your Size 

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have different needs and resources than large enterprises. The right phone service provider will have options tailored to businesses of your size and will not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. They should also offer flexible rates based on the number of minutes you use, how many participants you have for conferencing, and other scalable factors. 

Experience in Your Industry

Certain types of businesses require special certifications and expertise. For example, healthcare practices need to offer HIPPA-compliant communications. If your business handles private or sensitive information, you’ll need to ensure your phone system provider is equipped to protect your privacy. If your business frequently makes international calls, you’ll want to find a provider that offers low rates for communicating with countries included in your plan. 

Responsive Customer Support

When you have a problem, it’s reassuring to know that your service provider is available and equipped to resolve any issue you’re facing. A good internet phone system provider will offer live agent support around the clock and can be contacted using multiple channels, like chats, support tickets, or phone calls. 

Diverse Features

Modern communication solutions are incredibly versatile. Your service provider should be able to offer you much more than a dedicated business phone number. Look for a provider that offers features that can support your business as it grows, including scalable solutions for minutes, call transferring, call analytics, and more. 

Flexible Pricing

Your service provider should offer the solutions you need at a price point that’s manageable for your business. The best companies will offer multiple plans, allowing you to select only the services you know you will use. Check to see if the company offers volume discounts based on the number of users per month and if there is a money-back guarantee. 

Looking at these features will help you identify an internet business phone system provider that is able to meet your company’s needs. Service providers that offer demos before committing are great places to start so you can test out whether or not it’s the right fit for you. 

Get Started With an Internet Business Phone System for Your Company

By using VoIP technology, businesses of all sizes can access the professional communication tools they need to improve their success. An internet business phone system goes beyond answering calls by bringing versatile technology like conferencing, call forwarding and screening, dial-by-name directories, and so much more, all at a price that suits the budget of smaller businesses. 

If you’re interested in putting this technology to work for your business, can help. We have over ten years of experience helping small businesses like yours improve their communications affordably. Whether you’re looking for a basic solution or something more comprehensive, we have a business communication plan tailored to your needs. To get started, review our plans and contact us with your questions. 



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