The Power of A Business Text Message Service for Efficient Communication

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Customer satisfaction isn’t driven by any one single factor—it’s derived from an outstanding overall experience, in which every point of the customer journey effectively meets their needs. Communication is the single thread that unites the customer experience as a whole. In fact,  99% of consumers consider it important that a business communicates with them well. But what defines great communication? For most, communication at its best is informative, attentive, fast, and convenient. 

To meet the expectations of modern consumers, you need flexible communication options that enable you to both provide information to and receive feedback from your customers. As consumers grow more dependent on mobile technology, business text message services are emerging as one of the most effective ways to communicate. 

What Is a Business Text Message Service?

A business text message service (or business SMS service) is a short messaging service (SMS) designed for two-way business communications. The platform can empower businesses to use text messages for a wide variety of communications, including interactions with customers, sales support, internal communications, and more. Services are typically accessible from a variety of devices and feature a convenient app for mobile use

Business text messaging allows you and your teammates to use your professional business number to chat with anyone via their phone number. You can store customer information on the platform to inform personalized messages and include relevant images and attachments to inspire customers to take action. 

Business text message services also support group messaging to allow you to send messages in bulk as needed, like promotional messages that are relevant to your entire customer base. When you incorporate direct inbound dial into your communication strategy, your customers can also interact directly with employees who can answer their questions or concerns. 

Overall, business text message services provide a convenient communication platform that is invaluable to businesses and ideal for the needs of busy consumers.

What Do Customers Expect from Business Communications?

Ninety-six percent of people feel the businesses they buy from have room for improvements in effective communication, and 68% say they’ve stopped dealing with a company and moved to a competitor due to poor business communications. So, how can businesses improve their communication efforts? 

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These statistics from SuperOffice reveal what customers expect from the businesses they interact with:

  • 75% want fast response times, with 46% expecting companies to respond faster than 4 hours
  • 55% expect consistency across channels
  • Over 50% expect staff to be knowledgeable
  • 37% want to speak with a person
  • 23% want easy-to-use tools for service

Modern businesses need an effective way to quickly supply customers with accurate, personalized information in a convenient manner. 

Why Text  Messaging is a Powerful Form of Business Communication

The goal of any business is to provide effective solutions that improve their customers’ daily lives. Your methods of communication are an important part of achieving that goal. Today’s consumers use technology to increase the speed and convenience of their communications. Ninety-seven percent of Americans own a cell phone of some kind. Integrating texting into your business strategy, is a great way to leverage this technology and interact with your customers effectively.

Deeper investigation into text message popularity and use reveals consumer preferences and the many benefits it can offer for businesses: 

  • 75% of Millennial and Gen Z Americans prefer texting over calling
  • Customers are more likely to see your messages since the average text message open rate is 99%
  • 78% of customers wish they could text a business
  • Over 50% of consumers want companies to text them back
  • Text messages inspire customers to take action, with a 36% click-through rate.
  • Business text message services can be used effectively for customer feedback, with a response rate of 45%.

Where Text Messages Fit into Your Business Communication Efforts

Today’s customers want to be treated like humans instead of numbers. To interact with your customers as individuals, you’ll need to provide a variety of interactive communication methods. A business text messaging service fits comfortably into your lineup of communication tools because it can be used for many different types of communications to improve the customer experience. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to incorporate texting into your business communication efforts:  

Promotional Messages

SMS and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) provide the perfect platform to introduce new products or alert customers to a sale. You can quickly type up a short and engaging message that immediately connects customers to pertinent information. 

If you sell your products or services online, adding a link that takes customers directly to sale items can result in a quick sale. The ability to send messages in bulk allows you to connect with your entire customer base or personalize your interactions by texting select groups about relevant products. 

Instant Communication

Speed is a critical factor in customer satisfaction. SMS allows you to instantly engage in back-and-forth communication with your customers when they need you most. 

For example, a customer who has a question before purchasing a product may turn to your competitors if they have to wait for an answer. When your contact options include text messaging, customers are more likely to reach out. This can also result in a dissatisfied customer getting in touch about an issue directly rather than posting a bad review. 

Instant SMS communications don’t have to be initiated by the customer. You can reach out to customers to request feedback or inquire about their interest in resuming a service. For instance, a pleasant inquiry into whether a customer is enjoying a recently purchased product can put you in the position to request a review. In another situation, reaching out to a customer who has been inactive for months can give them a fast and convenient way to resume services. 

Appointments and Reminders

Forgetting appointments or important service dates can be costly for both businesses and customers. When you use a comprehensive business text message service, you can input client information into the system and activate automatic features that make appointment reminders a breeze. Automated text messages can be sent without human intervention and can include an option for the client to confirm, saving your customer and staff members time and effort. 

A similar approach can be used when a service term is nearing its end. An automated message can be scheduled a month or a couple of weeks before service will be concluded, to allow the customer to make an appointment to renew services. 

Internal Communications

While SMS provides many ways for your business to interact directly with customers, your internal communications also have a distinct impact on customer satisfaction. Instant communication between employees and departments breaks down departmental silos and improves employee relationships. As a result, customers will receive better service. 

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Text messages can be sent from practically anywhere and are more likely to be noticed by recipients than other communication formats. This means that employees can receive answers to questions in real-time or resolve customer complaints with up-to-date information. 

Text messages are also an optimal format for employee reminders or schedule changes, as their immediacy ensures customers aren’t affected by internal scheduling. Teams can use business text message services to create private and public groups and interact in one-on-one communications.

Personalized Interactions

If you’ve ever interacted with a business that requires you to provide your personal information every time you contact them, you understand the frustration customers feel with impersonal communications. Personalizations make your customers feel heard and are more likely to yield the intended result. Luckily, a business text message service is the perfect platform for you to provide this essential type of communication. 

When you store relevant customer information in the system, you’re prepared to greet customers by name and send out messages relevant to their purchase behavior. You can even send out messages that will brighten their day, like birthday or anniversary greetings. 

Personalized texts are also the perfect format for order confirmations, delivery updates, and feedback requests. Many businesses even use text messages to enhance customer service and resolve issues quickly. The immediacy of SMS provides a great opportunity for you to build more personalized interactions into your customer communication strategy. 

Transform Your Business Communications with a Powerful Text Message Service

Effective communication is essential to satisfying your customers and growing your business. SMS messaging can improve your business communications in the same way it streamlines personal communication. When you add text messaging to your business communications strategy, you can interact with your customers in the way they prefer and do more with fewer funds and resources. is a modern small business solution that gives you the flexible and affordable system you need to communicate effectively and ensure the needs of every customer are met. Learn more about how we can help you transform your communication process, keep your customers happy and enhance your businesses’ success.


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