Newswire: The Acrobatic Phone Solution for the Nomad Business

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By Kate Spurdens

Working online and being able to travel the world is becoming incredibly popular. Here is a phone solution for the Nomad Business.

( — August 9, 2019) — The nomadic business lifestyle is riding high. Working online and traveling the world is the ideal mix for nourishing your body and mind. If you can manage to keep a steady flow of projects and clients coming in, then you did hit the jackpot.

As skills and expertise are valued, it is highly important to keep steady communication with your clients. You might be relishing on the freedom you have, but your clients need to know that they are in good hands. Ongoing communication is crucial to them.

You can rely on online communication apps like Skype, Hangouts or WhatsApp, but in order to really project a respectable image, you need a phone number. With a virtual business phone number, you’ll be able to provide your clients with the security they need – being able to get a hold of you whenever they wish.

So here it is – why you should get a virtual phone number and how it will help you keep living your nomad dream.


How Does a Virtual Phone Number Work, Exactly?

A virtual phone number is entirely online-based, which means that it’s not in any way connected to a telephone line or a carrier’s network. It’s rather a part of a much broader VoIP network (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which reroutes calls from the internet to the real number.

Thanks to the internet’s global coverage, all virtual phone numbers register as local.

This is important for two reasons. First, it eliminates the long-distance charges that can be a true financial nuisance to companies and business people working with an international clientele, and second, it offers a crystal-clear connection that cannot be achieved with other online-based services such as Skype or Viber.


Making Long-Distance Calls Anywhere in the World

But let’s see what this means in terms of your work-life balance.

As an entrepreneur who chooses real-life experiences instead of her uninspiring cubicle, you often need to rely on technology to keep your business moving forward. This mainly implies being available to your clients and staying in touch with your remote team, if you have any.

So you have two traditional options:

One, to make and receive your business calls while roaming, which could cost you a small fortune. And two, to plan ahead and apply for a local sim card months before you arrive in the country you’re planning to visit next. But sim cards cost money too, not to mention the endless paperwork and the inexplicable wait times.

Having a virtual phone number means staying available 24/7, wherever you are. The only thing you need is a reliable internet connection, which you can get for free in your hotel or a nearby cafe.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to use this number on your smartphone without having to change your sim card, but also to reroute it to your laptop or a temporary desk phone.


Text Messages, Conference Calls, and Other Features

The best virtual business phone number,, for example, provides extensions for conference calls, call recording, and group messaging, as well as text messaging as a replacement for SMS.

Also, there’s an option to send documents via fax.

So the next time you’re browsing your favorite Acro Yoga events on Zing, (yoga is out, acrobatic yoga is in) enjoy not having to worry about how far you’ll go to join one those acro retreats that are taking over the wellness-vacations space. You’ll be able to do your acroyoga tricks with your partner by the pool and still manage needy clients in a relaxed, hassle-free way.


Managing a Digital Business with Remote Employees

Presuming you’re managing a remote team as well, a virtual business phone system can help you stay on the same page with all your collaborators and employees, however you prefer to call them. Along with conference calls and group messages, you’ll get to enjoy a team of productive, fulfilled, and inspired people like yourself.

Digital nomadism boasts incredible benefits on hardworking people, so why deny the same flexibility, convenience, and work-life balance to your employees? As long as you equip them with suitable tech and establish some ground rules, you can let them roam free.



Do you need any other reason to start using a virtual phone number?

If you’re looking for solutions that can help you grow your business on-the-go, then this is it. Both convenient and budget-friendly, virtual phone numbers are the only reliable way to keep your business open 24/7 and show your clients how much you care.


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