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Distil Networks is a bot defense provider whose products protect its customers’ APIs, websites and mobile applications. Distil is able to distinguish bot traffic (software that runs automated, repetitive tasks) and real human interaction in their customers’ traffic. They work with companies with a large online presence that have a consumer front, like major e-commerce retailers and financial institutions.


We spoke with Rami Essaid, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Distil, about why they started using and how has helped Distil Network grow their business.


When did you start working with


We started by knowing we needed a way to take incoming calls and make outgoing calls for our customers. Like a lot of start-ups, we initially did not have a formal IT team. On a small team, you often need to wear multiple hats, so as the CEO, technical and operations lead it was my job to choose a telecommunications partner. I knew the importance of choosing the right communications provider.

We looked at a few providers that would require lengthy installations and were highly expensive. Our sales people were looking for the traditional phone on their desk that they could connect their headsets to, not a softphone or web client. We chose because they perfectly matched our needs. Installation was simple and in no time we had our sales team doing outreach.



How would you characterize the partnership with today? is absolutely critical to Distil Networks’ infrastructure and operations. Our sales and support rely on their phones to work. has been absolutely reliable, with little to no downtime. We set the expectation that our phones were a priority and has matched us. We have a global workforce using extensions, voicemails and service. We have over 100 phones and extensions in use.



Where do you think the relationship is headed next? has helped us in our successful growth since the beginning. We chose as our phone provider early in Distil Network’s history, before we had an IT or implementation team.  It is easy to use, stable and dependable, from day one. We were just 5 people then and enabled us to grow to hundreds of employees. We currently use across our organization for support, sales and marketing calls. We plan to continue to grow our customer base as well as our sales and service teams internationally. As our communications partner, we rely on to help us in this growth. I highly recommend to companies of all sizes.


For more information, visit Learn more about’s Agent program at, email us at [email protected] or call for more information at 800.842.3394.


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