Innovation Corner: All About Video Conferencing

Welcome to the latest installment of “Innovation Corner.” Here, we dig into the expertise of Alon Cohen, our CTO and Executive VP, and share insider tips, lesser-known features and fun ideas on how to get the most out of your phone system and your account. We’re all about flexibility, efficiency, ease of use and, of course, affordability for our customers of all sizes.

video conferencingService Spotlight: Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing tool is a premium service.

Nothing to download, nothing to install. Bring up to 25 participants together for face-to-face meetings, with up to an additional 200 participants able to take part by telephone or via the mobile app.

Get started instantly. For just $20 per month, you can enable video conferencing service on your account, including all existing and new extensions.

Control and share your way. With Director functionality and robust screen sharing, this video conferencing tool is perfect for meetings with remote team members, clients, support staff and more.

Insider Insights:

  • No hoops to jump through—with a few clicks, generate an invite and start your video conference
  • Your video conference has a dedicated link, allowing you to easily set up a video conference on the go without going through a third-party provider
  • You control your own experience; more than a Moderator, you (and any other participant) can be a “Director”
  • Meetings run more efficiently, the potential for miscommunication decreases and engagement from all parties increases
  • It’s a more personal experience for everyone involved, even multiple people in the same room
  • Listen on your smartphone or through your computer audio—whatever works best for you


We designed our video conferencing to be the ultimate collaboration tool.

“Our goal was to offer the best possible experience for each participant, at the lowest price,” said CTO Alon Cohen. “We feel we have achieved both with this video conferencing tool.

“It is incredibly easy to use and access, and flexible enough to use on your desktop, your laptop or on the mobile app. It’s cost-effective but high end. It’s a great tool for remote teams, teams with members in different time zones, on-the-go salespeople, customer support teams, multi-location businesses and more.

“Something like Google Docs is great and of course you can talk over the phone. But when you actually see the people you are meeting with, it becomes a much more intimate conversation and you can see a person’s engagement first hand. As a result, the productivity of the meeting is higher, efficiency is higher—you achieve more in less time.”

As always, with all of our options and customers, we like to remind you that even if you don’t see what you are looking for, we are agile and flexible enough to create it for you out of what is already being offered – just ask!


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