It’s Customer Service Appreciation Day at

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Very early in the development of as a business, we made an important decision that we believe was vital to our success. That decision was to have all our support teams right here in the U.S. While it’s more expensive than outsourcing support to India or some other country, we have not regretted that decision for a moment in 10 years.

Our customer service team represents the best of Proactive, always seeking to improve the customer experience and constantly on the lookout for issues and trends that impact our service. Here is feedback from the team:

“Our Customer Service Team provides First-Class Service! Always receiving impressive compliments from our customers.”

“It is amazing to work with such a dedicated team, thank you Service Team.”

“Thank you for working endless hours to resolve customer issues, truly shows your dedication!”

“Customer Service is often overlooked but very appreciated, thanks for going above and beyond! Our customers thank you!”

Our customers love the support they are getting too:

“I am glad to see that customer service still reigns supreme with your company. It is no wonder you have had so much success.”

“At any time they could have just told me the equipment I was trying to use was junk and obsolete but they kept working with me and now I am up and running thanks to them!  Awesome customer service!”

“Just wanted to say I really enjoy and appreciate the excellent customer service so far from everyone at Phone..”

“Although we had one problem early on, they were very proactive about putting the ‘fix’ on when we brought it to their attention.  Their live chat support has been a huge time-saver.”

While many of our competitors gate customer service based on how much they pay, we are committed to giving every one of our customers the same quality customer service, regardless of the size of their bill. We welcome customer feedback and ideas and work to make you happy in every interaction.

The success we have today is due in no small part to our customer service team, and for that, we salute and thank them … and on a personal note, I have to thank each and every one of our amazing and awesome (our word of choice) customer success team for all they do for us and for our customers.  We have declared today, September 29 as our customer service appreciation day and ask you all to join me in thanking our team!


Ari Rabban

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