Here’s Why You Should Stop Using Your Personal Number as Your Business Number

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So you just started your first small business. Your LLC is registered, you hired a couple employees, and you even got your business cards.

There’s only one problem…you decided to use your personal number. There are more than enough moving parts in starting a company and the last thing you want to do is have to sign up for a phone service for your small business.

Your personal number is just too convenient to pass up, right? After all, it’s right in your pocket with no extra costs. You might not know but you’re putting your private life and your business at risk.

If you’re still on the fence about not using your personal number, here are a few reasons why you should stop.

You’re tied to your number…

With life moving at lightning speed toward everything mobile, it’s getting harder and harder to separate yourself from your number. Online banking sends text verifications for logins, lots of services ask for your number upon signing up, and you’ll certainly need to list contact details on social media accounts, Google Maps for your brick-and-mortar, etc. It follows us seemingly everywhere. And if you do decide to change your number after a long while using your own for your business, the ripple effect, both in your personal and professional life, can be more of a hassle than you want to deal with.

Your privacy goes out the window…

Hopefully your business is doing well, but if you’re using your personal number, that means you’re constantly “working.” Calls, texts, and problems come at all hours…especially if your company offers a service. You become overloaded and burnout and make silly mistakes. You’re already working hard enough on your business, so be sure to make some time for yourself to disconnect. Otherwise, you’re not able to shut off at all seeing as you and only you are the round-the-clock access to the company.

Your capabilities are limited…

Sure, it’s convenient and you’re saving money, but if you need to actually set up rudimentary features for call processing, you’re backed into a corner. If the business is booming, you might be too far gone to change your contact information. It’s never a good look for a customer to call a disconnected number. And apart from that, you have little to no control or oversight over your employees interacting with customers because they’re using their own numbers. It turns into a professional quagmire.

The robocalls just keep coming…

I’ve gotten two while writing this—they just never stop. You can take the step to register your personal number on the Do Not Call Registry or download some spamming apps but they’ll likely continue. And if there’s a string of robocalls that you answer (which in turn beget more) and then you skip a few, those ones you didn’t answer could be current or potential customers.

Luckily there’s a solution…

Get a virtual number through! We have base plans starting at just $12.99 per month and with over 40 standard features, your small business will have more than it needs to handle your workload, no matter the call volume or number of employees. When you get your very own number, you can then set up call forwarding so they’ll still come to your personal device (or wherever else you’d like), call handling rules, or even a menu if you’re constantly being spammed. And in the near future, if your call volume has become unmanageable, you’ll be able to set up a live assistant to handle your calls!

If you’d like to get started today, visit our pricing page or give one of our customer support representatives a call at 844.746.6312!




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