Handling Call Schedules for a Small Business

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Getting a toll free number for your small business (do we really need to say ‘small’ any way?) can be extremely beneficial both to show you care about your customers and make it easy on them to reach you.

However, it is not enough to “tie” your toll free number to your cell phone or whatever designated phone you have.

Actually, even if you don’t use an 800 number or other toll free numbers you still don’t want to tie your business number to one phone.
Once you have a Phone.com – Virtual Office account (of any plan) you will automatically be able to assign your toll free or local phone number to accept calls based on time of day and day of week.

Call schedules allow you to set actions for each phone number in your system based on the day and time a call is received. A call received during business hours will hear the Main Greeting and a call after business hours will hear your After-Hours Greeting.
Call schedules can be set for specific extensions, or an entire call menu and more.

For example: creating a schedule for Monday- Friday, 8am – 5pm will give you the option to route calls to one destination during those hours and after those hours calls will be routed to a different destination such as ring cell phones of you and your partner only.

You can accompany each schedule with the appropriate professional recorded greeting to help your customers.

Confused how to set it up? Call our Phone.com – Customer Service team. We are at your service 24*7.

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