Global Phone Numbers are now local!

By: Ari

Today, announced a new service called Global Numbers. now offers all its Virtual Office customers the ability to obtain a phone number over 40 countries.

If you have a business in the US but have customers or clients in France (see complete list of countries here) you can get a local phone number with say a Paris area code and give it to your clients. They now can dial that number and reach you in the US. Simple. They only pay a price of a local Paris call.

You only pay for a US minute (and based on your plan minutes are included as part of your basic monthly account fee).
There is a $4.88 or $12.88 monthly fee for the actual number (price depends on country).

We started offering the service on our website a few weeks ago and already got great feedback. There are so many ways businesses are taking advantage of these numbers. Some have the scenario described above and some have somewhat of the reverse situation: a foreign firm with a US representation where the guys at headquarters use the local number to call their partners or associates in the US.
It is not only much cheaper; it is also easier than dialing international numbers with country area codes. It may seem obvious for world travelers but it does get annoying for many.

you can learn more about Global numbers by clicking here.
As always, we would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this service!


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