Global Numbers: Presenting an International Image

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Joining the Global Economy with Global Phone Numbers!

As we all know, it is a global economy we operate in these days, one way or the other, whether we like it or not – an International business spans, from Canada to the USA, to South America, Europe, India, Russia and the Far East; to Israel and the Middle East.

So has decided to offer Global Numbers, an International calling program that allows small businesses inside the United States to provide their customers outside the US with a phone number, for example in London, Paris or Buenos Aires – with a local London, Paris or Buenos Aires telephone number.

Overseas customers are thrilled to be able to call what is to them a local number – gone is the necessity to dial a long confusing number, not to mention the considerable cost of a long distance number for them, unless they have international phone service which most do not have.

In the case of problems, service or technical issues, customers will be much more inclined to call to resolve these issues if they don’t have the inconvenience and cost of an overseas call to resolve their problem. Thereby bringing cancellations or unsubscribes way down in number as a result of making customers’ calls to your company in the US much cheaper, or free, and easier.
There is also Image to consider.

When customers, or potential customers realize all they have to do is dial a local number in their own region whenever they want to call your company, it creates the impression of your having a real International business; a genuine global company with local offices throughout the world.

Very impressive! Wouldn’t you agree?

Moreover, also offers access to extremely low international rates (in many cases even lower than Vonage or Skype).

Global Phone Numbers are also very useful for foreign, or overseas, companies, perhaps in Amsterdam or London, who maintain a small office in the US, for example in Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco and need international phone service.

The main office in Amsterdam or London most likely must call their US office to talk to their receptionist, sales or marketing people every day or several times per week – so they can now simply dial their own local Amsterdam or London number, and talk to their US office reps without the inconvenience of constantly dialing a long elaborate long distance number, plus avoid the added expense of long distance calls. And day after day they really add up.

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