Entrepreneurs, Beware Of Charlatans And Shiny Objects

Entrepreneurs, Beware Of Charlatans And Shiny Objects

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Entrepreneurs are highly motivated. They crave new technology and aren’t afraid to dive headfirst into new projects. I’ve found most entrepreneurs share several common traits: energy, confidence, persuasion, leadership, personal accountability, interpersonal skills and goal orientation. They follow their instincts and embrace risks. Most successful, self-made businesspeople also have magnetic personalities that subliminally attract people to them.

But what most distinguishes true entrepreneurs is the drive to forge ahead and continuously innovate.

However, some entrepreneurs lack the skills necessary for long-term success, such as patience, organization, executive function, the ability to prioritize and the discipline to stick to their roadmap.

I’ve seen many businesses fail to make it past the first year because their founders lacked the self-restraint to stay on course. Of the hundreds of thousands of new business ventures that launch every year, many never even see the light of day. Some have a spectacular sprint out of the gate that makes headlines, only to quietly falter and meet their demise.

Why does this happen?

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