Eliminate Holiday Stress with Call Handling

Small business owner stressed holiday


Small business owner stressed holiday















The holidays are here. And so is the stress. As a small business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about a phone that’s ringing off the hook. So what’s an easy solution to reduce the business cortisol levels? A call handling feature from your VoIP phone service.

Just remember: you’re not the only one stressed. Customers calling into companies are sometimes frustrated before they even pick up the phone. And if they’re experiencing long wait times, poor call quality, or complex menus that lead to nowhere, you’re already doing a lot to complicate the process.

Setting call handling rules should be one of the first things you do when setting up your VoIP service. With call handling, you’re able to set your business phone lines to route wherever you choose at whatever time you choose.

It’s really as easy as that. And the benefits? So great!


Reduce Spam

Apart from the much needed stress reduction, you won’t have to deal with spam or robocalls. When setting up your menu or schedule, callers will have to dial a number. Thankfully, at least as of now, robots can’t press numbers. So you automatically filter our any unwanted fake calls.


Increase Business Flow

With a simple, concise call menu, potential customers or current ones get to where they need to be effortlessly. Whether it’s for customer service, new business or sales, your call handling rules clearly delineate where callers need to go. This means less frustration on both ends of the telephone.


Route Where You Prefer

The beauty of call handling is that you make the rules. You can choose to route callers directly to the subject matter expert or a specific extension, have them use their keypad to figure out where to go through a call menu, and so many more options.


Remote Workers Unite

The modern office certainly has changed. With the advent of a more remote workforce, it’s easy to get callers to the right place, no matter their geographic location.

If you’re a bicoastal business with two call centers, when the clock strikes whatever, your call handling rules shift to forwarding to the west coast and vice versa. Callers won’t know the difference!


Time of Day

Are you slammed in the early afternoon? Is it dead in the morning? You can set your call handling rules to route to specific places at specific times. That means your CSRs are better equipped to handle the volume, and calls are distributed more evenly.


Look Bigger Than You Are

A sophisticated set of call handling rules not only makes your business run smoother, but also shows potential customers that you care. It doesn’t matter if you’re only three employees. A call menu can show callers that you mean business.


Enjoy the Weekend

The weekend should be about relaxing. But small business owners can get caught up in the anxiety of a ringing phone. Call handling rules means you can set your office hours and calls that come in on the weekends are automatically sent to a custom voicemail message. Which means you can relax instead of getting sucked into the work vortex.



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