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Alon Cohen legend
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The team celebrating with our Legend of Technology.’s own EVP/CTO Alon Cohen received the Legend of Technology Award from the New Jersey Tech Council on Thursday, November 21 2019. The 23rd annual event had luminaries from the New Jersey tech scene with an array of awards doled out, to name a few, for tech company of the year, consumer product of the year, trailblazer, legislative champion, and, of course, legend.

Embodying the moniker of legend, Cohen is considered one of the inventors of VoIP as he co-founded VocalTec and holds five U.S. patents; technology that has revolutionized how we communicate on a daily basis.

Founded in 1989, VocalTec was the first to release the internet phone (called, in some circles, the iPhone) in 1995. This pioneering product laid the groundwork for modern communication over the internet as we know it. Cohen would join his VocalTec colleague and friend, CEO Ari Rabban, at, where he has been since 2008.

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Cohen’s output has benefited hundreds of thousands of customers. His constant innovation has propelled the company to new heights as being one of the best unified communications services on the market. Not only has he stayed active in developing new products and services, his mentorship and wisdom has made a lasting effect on a whole new generation of engineers and developers.

Every day, Alon continues his quest to push the envelope so small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations can connect with their customers using the most cutting edge communications technology.

We are proud and honored to work with him.

A well deserved congratulations, Alon. You’re a legend!

Alon Cohen legend
NJ Tech Council
Ari and Alon

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