Phone.Com Service Spotlight: Mobile Apps mobile application

Here at, we can do a lot of neat things with our virtual PBX system, since we’re not beholden to the traditional rules of telephony.

One of the coolest tools we offer is our mobile app. All you have to do is download the app to your device and suddenly your Smartphone is a work extension!

But, of course, that’s not all it can do. The app comes with a host of useful features you’ll never find on a conventional business phone, including:

Data and WiFi calling. You’re in command of your data plan. Choose to call using data or your WiFi, any time during the month. If the WiFi’s spotty, switch to data and switch back again when you’re in range of a better WiFi signal. It’ll work anywhere, not just in your office, so you can take advantage of WiFi calling while you’re on the go. If there’s free WiFi where you happen to be, you can save minutes with the app.

Improved Visual Voicemail. Old-fashioned voicemail can be boring. Although many cellular carriers will offer a version of visual voicemail for a fee, we include visual voicemail free with your subscription. Our interface allows you to easily sort your business and personal calls, then respond to them with a call, SMS or a fax message. Easy as pie. For a little extra, our transcription service will let you read each voicemail within the app or send you an email as they come in.

Conference calling for everybody. Even a virtual office can take advantage of conference calling with the app. The HD conference bridge ensures that your image comes through in crisp detail and the sound quality is unmatched. Connect to co-workers, hold training sessions and webinars, conduct team meetings or touch base with clients, it’s all included in your package.

SMS using multiple numbers. SMS is a great way to quickly connect to your co-workers or ask your boss or client a simple question. You can use any of your business numbers from a single place, as well as sort incoming SMS into separate boxes. Now you can have your personal SMS right alongside your work messages without accidentally texting your client to grab some milk on the way home.

Fax support for your Smartphone. Although the need for faxes are fewer and further between, every now and again you’ll have a client or customer who absolutely cannot function without one. That’s not a problem with the app. Simply use your camera to scan the document, then attach it to your message and send it directly to the awaiting fax machine. There’s no need to keep a separate fax around when your Smartphone can do double duty.

Why settle for an old-fashioned business telephone when you can have the Swiss Army knife of telephone extensions?  Once you download the app, you’ll never be able to do business without it, so proceed with caution. You’ll find the Android version here, our iOS version is currently being updated, but the newest version will soon be available here. The current version is live and you can use with all functions and get from the same page.


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