CMU Tepper School of Business Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion

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Last week I had the privilege of being a guest speaker at the Carnegie Mellon Business School alumni reception in New York City. I was part of a great panel that also included veteran VCs and emerging entrepreneurs; we were hosted at the Empire State Building offices of Metronaps, an interesting venture started by a young MBA student at Carnegie Mellon as part of an entrepreneurship class.

While it is always fun to speak in front of my school’s alumni and especially to interact with the more recent graduates, it is especially rewarding share the stage with other true entrepreneurs who are passionate about their “baby” and who are doing everything it takes to make it succeed.

When you build and operate your own small business this passion is magnified as you are the one giving personal attention to all the details of making the business tick. There is usually no one else to rely on.

Well, at we do our best to help you, the business owner. We operate our business focusing on three main elements: 1) offering a superior quality product that has a lot of market value 2) making sure it is priced right and 3) providing the best customer support possible.

A Purdue University study (not everything is CMU) stated that 92% of US consumers form their image of a company based on their experience with the contact center. I invite you all to call ours at 800-998-7087 and we do appreciate your feedback!

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