A Beginner’s Guide to IP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems


Is your business making the best use of technology when it comes to communications? Do you still make calls on an old analog phone or have you joined the digital revolution?


VoIP or IP technology is the modern and best way for your business to communicate.


Companies can save 90% on international calls using IP phone systems. By 2021 it’s estimated that 3 billion people will use VoIP to make calls.


The service isn’t tied to one phone line and in fact, doesn’t need a line to work! All that’s required is an Internet connection.


And it’s not limited to voice calls.


IP phone systems incorporate video conferencing and messaging. Because the technology is hosted in the cloud, you can chat with customers and employees from anywhere in the world.


If you know little to nothing about IP technology then read on.


This easy to understand guide explains how the system works and how it can benefit your business.


What Is an IP Phone System?

An IP phone system sends and receives calls via the Internet and not a traditional phone line. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP was the original term for this tech but now it’s simply known as IP.


The IP bit means Internet Protocol and relates to the Internet address every connected device is assigned. For instance, your mobile or laptop is given a unique IP address so other users can communicate with you if you let them.


You don’t need a phone to make a call in an IP system. Just a device with a microphone and speaker that can connect to the net.


However, there are dedicated IP phones available. They look and act like traditional handsets so your staff won’t see any difference if you migrate to IP.


How Do IP Phones Work?

Traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) used circuit-switched telephony to manage calls. If you wanted to phone another state your call would be routed through their expensive systems.


Phone companies charged by the minute and often included a connection fee. And you had no choice but to pay or be cut off from the world.


Then came VoIP.


Bypassing the PSTN system completely, VoIP uses the Internet to transmit calls. IP telephone systems comprise a private branch exchange (IP PBX) to route voice traffic. You just hook into the system and you’re good to go.


Key Benefits of an IP Phone System

We’ve listed below some of the key benefits an IP telephone system can bring to your business.


Significant Cost Reductions

Small businesses that switch to IP phone systems can reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40%. If you do trade globally you can save up to 90% on international calls.


You can choose a plan that lets you have unlimited minutes for a low monthly fee, or save even more by purchasing a limited bundle of minutes. Most companies, including Phone.com, offer even bigger savings if you pay annually.


Scalability and Mobility

Traditional lines tied you to your desk. And if you were on a call no one else could get through.


As IP phone systems don’t require a dedicated line or hardware it means you can take and send calls from anywhere. Use your IP phone for home remote working or if you go on a business trip.


It’s easy to add additional numbers for business use too.


Good providers offer a customer portal where you can manage your communications. You can also set-up voice mail and call routing from here without the need to contact support.


Current Infrastructure Integration

Your new IP business phone system can work alongside your existing tools if you wish.


Incoming faxes can convert to PDF and email directly to your inbox.


If your legacy systems are vital to your business, IP technology improves them and doesn’t have to replace them. Although, it’s a good idea to research modern replacements as they often do a better job at a reduced cost.


Sharing Multimedia

IP phone systems aren’t limited to making voice calls.


You can send and receive SMS messages and offer video conference calls. Check with your provider for a full feature list of what they can offer.


Join the IP Phone Revolution

Now that you know how an IP phone system works are you ready to join the revolution?


With cheaper calls, better connectivity, and scalability, VoIP offers lots of benefits for your business. But who can you trust to manage your IP phone systems?


Over 30,000 businesses use Phone.com to take care of their communications.


We offer affordable solutions tailored to suit your needs. Our VoIP phone range includes brand leaders like Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink.


Contact us today to request a demonstration. Our expert advisors will guide you on what IP telephone system is best for you.


Communicate better. Join the IP revolution.


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