5 Ways a Mobile Business Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

mobile business phone system

mobile business phone system


A mobile business phone system has become something of a requirement in this age of working from home and round-the-clock support. Considering that more than half of workers already use their mobile phones to handle work obligations, you’re a little late to the party if you haven’t implemented a system supporting it yet.

In the following article, we’ll be talking about the benefits of bringing one to your business. First, however, let’s get into the reasons you need one in the first place.

Mobile Is Here to Stay

Mobile implementation has surged in both professional and private uses of the Internet for work, communication, information gathering, and entertainment. It’s not going anywhere.

In fact, the unique use of a mobile device exceeds the number of Internet users as of January 2020 by 650 million people. In more concrete terms, there are 7.75 billion people in the world. Of these, 5.19 billion are unique mobile phone users versus 4.54 billion Internet users.

Mobile Makes Work Less Stressful

You cannot take one look at the above statistic and come to the conclusion that your employees are ill-prepared for a mobile work environment. If anything, it proves they are ready for a small business phone system installation that meets them where they are and brings convenience to their lives.

Being able to access voice-mails, phone calls, and more from their mobile phones makes them feel more in control of daily workflow. It helps them avoid that gnawing feeling that there is something they forgot to address because they can simply log on and take care of business.

You Get More from Employees

With the right wireless phone system for your small business, you give your employees more freedom and autonomy without risking the necessary controls of a desktop environment. Essentially, you give them space and freedom necessary to take care of matters on their terms. We’ll explore more specifics of how that operates when we get to the actual benefits.

Replace Outdated Systems

Few things are more bothersome than an outdated phone system. It leads to a host of problems, such as:

  • Having to call a professional every time you need to make an update
  • Missing calls
  • Limited phone lines
  • No allowance for extension dialing
  • No mobile compatibility

If one or more of these elements exist, then you’re not getting the level of productivity you need from your employees. Communication is everything!

Address Business Emergencies As They Arise

No matter what business you’re in, there’ll always be matters that arise requiring your immediate time and attention. An outdated phone system’s weaknesses, as detailed above, may prevent you from addressing these issues in a timely fashion, or even at all!

Mobile platforms come with a host of features that do the trick. We’ll be discussing them in the next section. Now that we know why you need business phone systems with mobile compatibilities, let’s look at each of their best features.

1. Compiling Multiple Features Into One Resource

Saying something is simply a mobile business phone system doesn’t quite capture the extent of what it can do. With the right system in place, you can get a significant value that goes well beyond making and receiving calls.

For instance, a mobile system can equip you with a live receptionist to handle the number of distractions your employees face when working from home as has become the norm for so many millions of Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it can help facilitate remote video meetings, provide security from threats like international toll-fraud, and equip you with big-business features like call screening and multiple extensions.

2. Improving Efficiency

Naturally, paying for all of the resources that you get from a mobile business phone system would come at a premium if you were financing them individually. To find the best price, you might have to go through multiple providers.

The task would become arduous and the number of checks you would have to cut each month to keep it all going would multiply. With a mobile system, you consolidate.

The right provider will do that for you at a premium discount. They will also give you the added convenience of being able to service all your needs at once. This convenience ultimately saves you time and money and improves the ability of your team to be efficient.

3. Protecting Privacy

Well-equipped business phone systems are capable of adding an extra layer of security and privacy over your business. Cloud-based operations mean that you aren’t tasked with the challenge of locking down everything yourself.

It also enables you to screen out unwanted marketers that will bombard your business with offers and spam. This gatekeeping function can ensure the privacy of your employees and customers.

4. Promoting Professionalism

Most business telephone systems, particularly of the mobile business phone variety, allow you to promote the professionalism of your company. They do this by allowing you to customize your branding through the platform and project to callers that you can be reached any time and anywhere.

You also can use the data and activity of your phone systems to draw deeper insight into how people are reaching you and the demands that they have. Mobile analytics is far more granular and revealing than traditional land-line systems.

5. Constant Connectivity

Telephone systems that are mobile-integrated give you the ability to present a united front across all forms of communication regardless of whether you’re doing business from a single office or remotely. So many companies are seeing the benefits of remote work nowadays that the constant connectivity has become a need-to-have rather than a nice-to-have.

It also lessens the probability that something important will fall through the cracks. That’s because it gives you the option of being connected to your business and employees around the clock.

Mobile Business Phone System Integration Is Vital

We hope that you take from this, if you take nothing else, that a mobile business phone system is the new norm for your business. You need it because of all the operational efficiencies that it will add to your bottom line as well as the quality-of-life improvements it will give to your employees.

As you select a provider, we invite you to communicate better using Phone.com. Visit us today to see which options are best for your business.


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