6 More Tips for Doing Business on Your Smartphone

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We previously talked about how you can make your smartphone a vital part of your business life by learning better ways to use it for business.

This is a massive topic, however, and it seems like every day there’s some new app or feature that changes how we use our smartphones for business. Because of this, we’re going to look at even more ways that you can improve your smartphone business savvy.

The best thing about these tips is that they’re easy to implement but can have a major effect on how business contacts see and react to you. Even if not all of the tips are helpful right now, they’re worth keeping in mind in case they become relevant when new opportunities arise in the future.

Separate Personal and Business Calls

It’s tempting to have a one-size-fits-all phone that you use for your personal life and your business life. The problem is that not everything from your personal life is appropriate for your business life and vice versa.

Consider having separate phones with their own voicemail and ringtones to keep everything compartmentalized. You could also opt for a dual-SIM phone that lets you set up two different numbers (such as a personal line and a business line) on different SIM cards within a single phone.

Be Aware of Your Greeting

Voicemail can be trying on the patience of some folks.

Try to keep the annoyance to a minimum by leaving out redundant instructions or telling callers to provide information you’ll already get from your voicemail service. Key items may be saying to leave a message at the beep (which is usually part of an automated message), asking for the time of a call (which will be appended to each message by your voicemail system) or using an inappropriate tone for business voicemail. Keep the greeting simple and professional, requesting only as much information as you need to return the call if needed.

Get Conference Ready

When you think of conference calls, you likely picture a number of people standing around a desk with a conference phone on it so everyone can hear and be heard. Conference calling is changing, though, and it’s becoming much more mobile-friendly.

Choose a phone that’s conference-ready, upgrading if you have an older smartphone that isn’t likely to handle the call very well. Even if you don’t attend conference calls often, being able to dial into one with your smartphone when needed will help ensure that you don’t get left out in the cold.

Gather Your Tools

What apps do you have pinned for easy access on your phone? If you want to be a power business user, you should have useful utilities in place first and foremost. Pokémon and Evil Apples are fun games, but more basic things like a calculator, note pad and text translation app are much more likely to be useful in a business setting.

Being able to whip out your phone and pull up exactly what you need at a moment’s notice could earn you a bit of respect as a person who gets things done as well.

Take Your Contacts Digital

Business cards aren’t the do-all and end-all that they used to be, but they’re still an important part of the business world. They can be a pain to keep track of, though. Fortunately, there are apps for that.

With the right app and your phone’s camera you can snap a pic of the business card and have most if not all of its information automatically converted to a contact in your phone. Set up contact syncing with your tablet or computer and you’ll be able to access your new contacts from anywhere you might be.

Take It to VoIP

It might seem weird to install VoIP software on a smartphone, but it might be one of the best choices you can make to improve your business skills. Installing VoIP software connects you to your VoIP network, giving you access to voicemail, contacts and all of the other features that your VoIP network provides.

You can even transfer office calls to your smartphone with the push of a button, making sure that you never miss a call just because you have to head out of the office.

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