6 Crucial Reasons Why All Businesses Need Call Screening

Small business owner using call screening feature for VOIP

Small business owner using Call Screening feature















When you think of call screening, you likely imagine a feature that’s used be people at home trying to avoid calls from telemarketers or other folks they want to avoid.

With the advent of caller ID, call screening is a feature that many people don’t even use. What many don’t realize is that there are still some great uses of call screening even in a world where you can see at a glance where a call is coming from. Not only that, but call screening can be a very powerful tool for your business.

You might be dubious, but your business really can benefit from call screening. If you don’t believe us, here are just a few of the ways that our call screening feature can provide a definite benefit to your employees and your business as a whole.

Identify the Caller

You might think that there’s not much need for call screening if you have caller ID.

Just because a caller ID entry pops up doesn’t mean that you know exactly who is calling from that number, however. Activating call screening lets you find out exactly who the caller is and make a decision on whether to take the call or let it pass to voicemail.

This ability especially useful if you receive a call from business numbers that are shared by several possible callers but only one is the one you want to talk to.

Identify the Number Called

Call screening doesn’t have to be seen as an alternative to caller ID.

In fact, the feature has caller ID integrated into it. When you receive a call while call screening is active, you’ll see which number is calling.

Gone are the days where screening meant that you had to let the answering machine pick up and listen to the message being left; call screening has gone high-tech and provides you with as much information as possible to help you decide whether to take the call.

One-Touch Accept and Reject

When a screened call comes through, you have three options: You can accept the call, reject the call or let it keep ringing and pass on to voicemail.

If you’re trying to decide whether to accept or reject, both options are easy to access; you simply need to select one of the options using our one-touch interface.

Whether you pick the call up or reject it, your choice is as simple as tapping one of the buttons in the call screening display.

Hands-Free Audio Prompts

Since the workplace can be pretty busy, our call screening feature does its best to give you valuable information without interrupting what you’re doing.

Instead of having to pick up the phone or come over to the display, audio prompts provide you with all necessary information so you can decide whether to accept or reject a call.

You don’t even have to make a selection if you’re too busy; once you know that you don’t want to take the call, simply letting it ring will transfer the call to your voicemail and let you check the resulting message later.

Intracompany Communication

Though many see call screening as an option used to evaluate external calls, it can actually be very useful for intracompany calls as well.

Screening your calls lets you see whether the caller is external or from within the company. If you’re only fielding external calls, you can pass on the intracompany calls that come through.

Likewise, if you’re expecting a call from another department you can be sure that the call comes from within the company before you pick up the phone.

Seamless Feature Integration

Like our other 50+ Phone.com features, call screening is designed to work seamlessly with all of our offerings.

You can set up call handling rules that will pass screened calls off to other users or forward them to smartphones or other devices of your choice.

You can even have any voicemails left by screened callers sent to your email as an audio attachment for your easy perusal.

These tools not only give you additional flexibility in how your calls are handled, but they also ensure that you can handle those calls in the best possible way even if the initial call gets screened.

Of course, you can always log in to your account and turn call screening off if you find that you don’t need it anymore.


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