3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Fax Machine Today

Traditional faxing is soon to become an obsolete obstruction in your home office setup. Those big, bulky devices are being replaced with cloud-based solutions like the one that Phone.com offers, which allows you to send faxes directly from your computer or smartphone. 

Here’s 3 great reasons to start sending and receiving digital faxes today with Phone.com:

  • You can send a fax wherever you have your computer or smartphone. Faxes can be sent digitally directly from your Phone.com account, or you can send them from our iPhone app.
  • Be notified of your received faxes via email. No more sitting around the fax machine waiting for a fax to arrive. Be notified right when you get your digital fax through email.
  • Reduce your paper clutter. You can save copies of your faxes as PDFs on your computer and reduce all of that paper clutter in your office.

Ready to toss that fax machine and get started with digital faxing? Before doing so, Phone.com CTO Alon Cohen recommends that “if your VoIP vendor does not support T.38 protocols on their analog telephone lines, or you fax internationally, then keep using a landline for faxing.”

Alon did go on to recognize that Phone.com currently utilizes the T.38 protocol for virtual faxing as well as on the Grandstream HT702 Analog Telephone Adapter. This dramatically improves the reliability of faxes in transmission from a digital to an analog signal.

How Can I Learn More?

Join us for a free 30 minutes webinar as we learn how to send and receive faxes on your Phone.com account. In addition, we’ll also be covering how to send and receive text messages.


  • Learn how to configure your Phone.com number to receive faxes and text messages.
  • Learn how to send text messages and faxes directly from your account.
  • Learn how to set up email notifications for your received faxes and text messages and how to check your inbox.


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