10 Benefits of Using a VoIP Business Phone Service

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Business phone service

It’s a sad fact but it’s true: only 7% of workers feel as though they have done anything productive at the end of their workday. There are a lot of reasons for this- lack of meaningful job work, apathy toward the career one has been in for a long time, or simply imposter syndrome. While these factors are out of your hands, there is something you as an employer can do: actually increase productivity.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by updating your business phone service to something more modern: VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol services are an amazing investment for your business for a multitude of reasons.

Practically and economically, there are millions of reasons to switch over. We have compiled the top 10. Read on to learn the primary reasons why switching to VoIP will be the best move you’ve ever made for your business and help it flourish in 2020.

1. Setup Is Easy

First off, setting up a VoIP phone system for your business is a ridiculously simple process. All you’ll need to do is download the communications software you’ll be using for VoIP calls and media share. You can do this onto any device you like, too, for easy use!

This is a pretty easy DIY process after you pay for the service. Once the setup’s done, you’ll be able to access your VoIP software using the pre-existing WiFi in your business.

2. You’ll Save Big Money

VoIP software will allow you to save a lot of money. Currently, you’re likely paying high monthly phone bills in addition to your WiFi costs. Once you install VoIP communications, you’ll still have bills to pay, but they’ll be much lower. You also will save on maintenance costs since the vendor manages all of the system software and hardware.

3. There’s High Network Flexibility

Your employees won’t only reap the benefits of more economic flexibility, but they’ll also be more productive due to higher network flexibility. This means that they won’t be stuck in one method of communication using traditional phone lines. Rather, they’ll be able to use different types of calling, messaging, and social media posting in order to communicate with different clients.

There will also be fewer interruptions during calls with VoIP. The connection is stronger because there won’t be too many employees on one landline system to clog the lines up. Since it connects over the WiFi, calls will be dropped less often.

4. Use Any Device

As we brushed on before, you can use your VoIP phone system on any device. Like with landlines, calls can, of course, be made from the physical phones you install in your office. Unlike landlines, though, you have more options: mobile devices that can connect to the WiFi make VoIP a portable communications system. You can also use your computer browser in many ways, including video chat and media sending via VoIP.

5. Productivity Will Skyrocket

With fewer phone call interruptions and higher network flexibility, your productivity is going to reach astronomical levels. You will be able to conduct business more quickly and spend less time on pesky technical difficulties. Not only that, but you’ll save in maintenance costs, giving you more money to fund incentive campaigns and buy top-notch equipment.

Since employees will also feel more productive, they’ll spend more time working happily. Productivity is a self-fulfilling prophecy and those who feel that it isn’t a lost cause to be productive will work smarter and harder.

6. VoIP Sends Media, Too

When you use VoIP, it’s really simple to connect with multiple people over the WiFi network and share video. You can then see the faces of people at other branches of your company or those of your clients. Conference calls (and group chats) are also made easy because VoIP software is also capable of sending media. Video chats are just one form of this. VoIP technology also allows for the sending and receiving of images, GIFs, word documents, pre-recorded videos, links, and more.

7. Call Screening Is Simple

There are a wide number of awesome add-ons that you can get for your VoIP software, including those that allow for call screening. You can block certain users that are spamming you and that you don’t want to hear from, but call screening is also available in the form of caller ID.

Do Not Disturb mode also exists for VoIP software. Turning this on allows you to restrict calls to specific numbers for a set amount of time, which is perfect if you’re waiting on calls from a specific client but want to do other unrelated work besides taking that one call.

8. It’s Super Reliable

As we brushed on before, VoIP technology is incredibly reliable insofar as it won’t drop calls. But there are other ways that its reliability trumps that of traditional landlines, too- namely, that the software works consistently no matter what location it’s being used from within the office.

9. There Are Awesome Add-Ons

When it comes to VoIP, there are also some amazing add-ons that you can purchase to increase your productivity even further. These features don’t just stop with conference calling. You can also get add-ons like faxing from your phone, text to greeting, and voicemail to email transfers.

10. VoIP Means Worldwide Connections

The bottom line is that VoIP is a phone system that allows you to connect with clients and coworkers around the world. While you may have paid high fees for long-distance and international calling with your landline, you can make these calls at a much lower rate when you choose VoIP. It truly is the best way to connect with anyone you could dream of.

Choosing a Business Phone Service

While switching phone services for your business may sound like a stressful experience, you’ll definitely have less stress overall when you make the shift to VoIP. From financial freedom to easy communications, you’ll be making the right decision on a lot of fronts.

Now that you know why choosing a VoIP business phone service is the right move for the new decade, it’s time to actually get to installing one. Click here to get a quote on how much installation will actually cost. Once you see the money you’ll be saving, we guarantee that you’ll be more than ready to make the shift.


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