What is an IP Phone System: A Guide With Everything You Should Know

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VoIP Concept on a Mobile Phone

Mobile phone with VoIP image.While technology has made it possible for many more channels of communication to be available, one trusty method that small businesses haven’t abandoned is the phone.

While snail mail’s been ditched in favor of things like email and chat, phone calls are still as important as ever. They give businesses the ability to have a personal connection with customers without having to be face-to-face.

Of course, today, you don’t just have the option of landlines and cell phones. Another choice is an IP phone system.

What Is an IP Phone System?

An IP phone system makes VoIP phone calls possible. “VoIP” stands for “voice over internet protocol” and is the term for when you make a phone call using the internet.

If you use things like Skype or Whatsapp, then you’re already using VoIP. Whenever you dial your coworker or partner, and you connect through WiFi (or 4G) instead of a phone line, then you’re using VoIP.

An IP phone system can include any combination of IP enabled desk phones, mobile applications, and browser-based call management software. 

How Does an IP Phone System Work?

IP phone systems leverage a special protocol, known as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), to connect calls from a desk phone, mobile app, or browser to the public switched telephone system. (PSTN.) 

Call handling software, that replaces an old-fashioned PBX system is used to route calls to the right extension or device.

The IP phone system software also adds a bunch of features that you might associate with a traditional business phone system, such as voicemail, automated attendants, call forwarding, hold music, and so forth. 

What Are the Benefits of an IP Phone System?

IP phone solutions provide many benefits for businesses of all sizes, but small and growing businesses gain the biggest advantages.

It’s Less Expensive

Traditional phone lines are sold in batches of 23. That’s a non-starter if your business only has a few employees or if you are starting out on your own. With a virtual IP phone system, you get and pay for exactly the number of phone numbers you need. 


You can find a plan that fits your exact calling needs. On the phone all day? Then you’ll want to look for a plan with unlimited minutes. Only need to make a few calls here and there, a less expensive metered plan might be better for you.


There are no maintenance or installation fees because everything is handled in the cloud.  


You’ll Get More Flexibility

Whether you use an IP-enabled desk phone or a mobile application, your IP phone system doesn’t care where you are physically located. You can work from virtually anywhere without installing additional equipment. 

Adding an employee or two? Great! You can assign them an extension of your current number or get new business numbers for them on the fly. 

There’s Less Maintenance

With a copper wire landline, you’ll often have to deal with maintenance and upgrades to your phone system. Not only does this mean downtime for your business, but it also means you have to wait around for a technician to come.

With an IP phone system, you get rid of this completely. Any maintenance or upgrades to your phone system can be done remotely. This means it’ll be quicker and you won’t have to wait around for anyone to arrive; it can be business as usual. 

Implementation Is Easy

Here’s how easy it is to get started with your new IP phone system:

1 – Pick your plan. We offer a number of calling/feature packages to meet any need.

2 – Pick your phone number. You can choose from a huge inventory of local, toll-free, or custom phone numbers.

3 – Tell us about your self. We’ll collect just enough information to service your account.

4 – Set up payment.

That’s it! You’re ready to get started managing your account or making calls from your mobile app in an instant.

Sign up for an IP Phone System Today

Now you know what an IP phone system is, how it works, and the many benefits that come with it. So forget about your legacy landlines and make the switch to an IP phone system instead. 

Are you ready to get an IP phone system for your small business? Then take a look at our plans now! You can even book a demo if you’d like.


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