Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Caller Analytics

Work desk using caller analytics


Analytics, in really any form, are paramount to a business’s success. So for a company of any size, especially those with a call center or those who suddenly have an increase in call volume, monitoring the customer experience and making it smooth is key. And the way to do that? Caller analytics.


If you know how to use them, call analytics data can be a mighty tool. By studying the specifics, you can get a clearer picture of how long customers are spending on the phone when they call in, location of callers, wait times, times of day when people call the most, and a whole bunch more. That, coupled with data compiled from your customer service reps and customer engagement, like surveys, can be invaluable information for getting to know your customer base, thus tying into your marketing strategy moving forward.


For companies who rely heavily on phone sales, it’s a great tool to see your top/bottom performers. By capturing hyper specific data, executives and managers can see who on the sales team or in the call center is performing best. You can also get a better sense of conversions from inbound and outbound calls.


Here are a few ways call analytics can help improve your business:


Understanding Seasonal Highs and Lows


Many businesses have seasonal spikes in activity, whether it’s in the summer when things are slow or the holidays when everything seems to be happening threefold. Having this information can help you make more strategic moves during these spikes.


What you’ll know:


How many people are calling you

Caller geography

Wait time of each caller

Call duration

Biggest call volume time of day


Creating a better calling experience


The most obvious place in which analytics can bolster your business is in customer service. This data is tailored perfectly for companies who specialize in technical support or customer service teams working in different call centers across the country or globe. Using metrics like call length and response time, sales managers can find out certain patterns in consumer behavior and pinpoint potentially which CSRs are thriving and who might need some guidance.


Company Transparency


Having call information available for the company to see can help motivate team members and set strategic goals or markers to look to break each month. It also helps build trust within your team members, and fosters an all-for-one mentality that comes with open communication.



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