What’s in Your Startup Toolkit?

Image from The Next Web article:. Source: https://tnw.to/r3QE4

As you build a small company, you need tools you can rely on. Cheap might sound good but scrimping on software can end up costing you a lot more if performance is poor or features are just not there.

In a recent article on The Next Web, CEO of Distil Networks Rami Essaid identifies the tools startups can rely on to keep production running and their ventures growing from year to year.

Essaid tagged Phone.com as the best phone service for startups, based on our affordable plans, support for mobile, and easy scalability.

We’re in great company! The article also profiles industry standards like Google for Work, QuickBooks, GitHub and others, as well as group chat newcomer Slack, which we at Phone.com use and love.

We’d love to know what tools you use to help your business grow. Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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Image source: The Next Web



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