What Is a Business Phone Service and Why Do You Need One?

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The term business phone service might get you thinking that this is about answering and making calls within the business. Well, these are essential services for operating a business, but there is more to business phone service than this.

Even though many communication services are now cloud-based, the value of phone service for your business is not yet lost. You still need phone service to relay urgent and complex information. A reliable phone service system is, therefore, something every organization should strive to have.

But exactly what is a business phone service and why does your company need one? That’s all this article is about, and you should stay put into understanding more about this important aspect of running a business.

What Is a Business Phone Service?

Thanks to technology, many companies have moved their phone systems to the cloud. They are now using Voice over Internet Protocol Technology, which is also referred to as VoIP in short form.

This type of phone system uses the internet for its phone services rather than routing calls with traditional phone lines. The phone system then connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi, a cellular connection, or an Ethernet cable. You can now make all your calls, whether local or international, as long as you have reliable internet.

One of the reasons why businesses are opting for a VoIP system instead of the traditional landline is because it’s cheap. They use the existing internet connection; hence your company will not need additional support or an internal IT team for proper connection.

You’ll also not spend on various costs associated with landline such as call forwarding, call queuing, extension dialing, Conference Bridge, and music on hold. The VoIP system comes with additional advanced features at no extra fees.

So, what are business phone service benefits?

Eliminate Recurring Phone Company Fees

Monthly phone company fees that keep on reoccurring can weigh down your company in terms of expenses. In the past, businesses had spent monthly fees for voice messaging and call forwarding, and these expenses reoccurred month after month. And if your company was using two lines, you’ll have to pay separately for each.  A business phone system can eliminate some of these monthly expenses.

But is a business phone service tax deductible? Yes, all these fall under cell phones, computers, internet, and software services. All are tax-deductible if you use them to run your business.

Enables the Business to Share Phone Lines

The best business phone service system allows employees within an organization to share phone lines for convenience and cost-saving. The system allows your employees to access every line, and everyone is assigned a separate phone extension if needed.

You don’t need many phone lines for the business. Many users can use the same number simultaneously without any interruptions. The phone system comes with an auto-attendant feature that allows you to route the call so that the first available attendant can pick the call and attended to the caller.

If you want to add a new employee to the system, you can do so with ease. You don’t need an IT technician as everything is seamless.

Easy Call Transfer

Operating a business without a proper phone system will make you appear unprofessional. Imagine calling someone just to tell them to pick the call on a different line. No client will tolerate such unprofessional conduct.

This will not be the case with will a phone system as it allows easy transfer and picking calls within a push of a button. This allows an easy transfer of calls from an employee to another. It can also transfer calls to another person’s voice mail.

Easy Phone Tracking

With a business phone service, all your communications are secured. You can keep track of everything regarding the call, including call duration, wait time, hold time, and average usage. In case of anything, all you need to do is go back to the records and retrieve everything.

Additional Features

Due to technological advancements, you’ll need all the features that come with a business phone system. Even if you’re not using them now, you might need to use them in the future. A business phone service features everything you need from caller ID, call recording, call forwarding, inbound call routing, etc.


Your business needs all the convenience it can get to operate effectively and attract customers. Business phone service offers this in the best ways possible. If you want to use a desk phone system, mobile cell phone, cordless or a computer, you can do so at your convenience.

The system also transmits calls over VoIP systems allowing you to take a toll-free number or a local call wherever you want to. All these include making business phone service overseas calls without problems. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, nothing is going to stop you.

Business Growth

Whether you’re running a small online store or a business website, you need to employ professional phone services. For a business to grow and become successful, professionalism needs to start right at its startup stage.

Professional phone service is important for building a client base, fostering good customer relationships, and improving sales and customer service. It goes without saying that these are all you need for the growth of your business.

Indeed, Your Company Needs Business Phone Service

From the information above, it’s clear that your business needs this to save costs, communicate effectively with clients, and foster a collaborative environment.

We’re here to empower your business with all the information you need for effective communication and all the necessary tools. Our experts will be at your service if you need more personal help regarding business phone service or your communication networks. Don’t hesitate to contact our support for help tailored specifically for your business.


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