Creating a Professional Voicemail Greeting for Your Business

Record a professional sounding voicemail greeting


Many people get nervous when recording a voice message. Add to that the pressure you might feel trying to create a professional greeting for your company’s phone number!

Here are a few tips on planning and recording a voicemail greeting for your business, followed by the tools that make it much easier to make classy greetings.

Decide What You Want to Say

Most businesses need a general reception greeting that states your company’s name, your products, services and hours, and then gives callers the option to transfer to an extension or leave voicemail.

You might also want to add other greetings, though, for evenings and weekends, or to use for the holidays, or highlight special products or promotions.

Regardless of the message, do yourself a favor and write a short script. Jot down the information you want to include, and then write out a script with the exact message you want to include. Without a script, you’ll just be winging it, which will result in awkward pauses, and way too many ums and ahs!

Practice Makes Perfect, Promise!

Once you have a script, take five minutes to practice it over and over, out loud! Close the door and get used to the sound of your voice. The more you practice, the more familiar you’ll be with the content of the message and the tone of your voice, allowing you to adjust your message as needed.

Make a Test Recording

Record your greeting using the voice recording tool on your phone or computer, and then play it back, more than once if needed. This helps you become familiar with the recording process, and also with how the finished message will sound.

If the message is too fast, slow down, which is something NYC personal injury attorney Steve Raiser firmly believes is crucial. Smile before you begin speaking, and pretend you’re speaking to a friend that you know well and respect. Keep your tone natural and your pronunciation clear.

Listen to your recording and re-record it as many times as you need to. Eventually, you’ll capture a greeting you’re happy with!

Making It Even Easier

With, you can add as many different voicemail and info greetings as you like to your account.  You can then select specific greetings when you set up the call-routing rules on your phone number and extensions.

We offer three easy ways to add a greeting from your account settings:

  • Text to Greeting: Enter the text you want to convert to an audio message. Select an automated voice for your greeting, and our Text-to-Greeting service will translate the text you entered into a greeting that will be saved to your account on the website.
  • Record from Phone: This tool lets you speak your recording into your phone, and saves it to your account as a greeting.
  • Upload New File: This option lets you upload a pre-recorded audio file (WAV, MP3 or GSM format) to use as your voicemail greeting or as hold music.

For a small fee, you can also use our professional greeting service. Absolutely hassle free!

For more information on creating greetings, please visit our Support Center. Our Customer Service team can also answer specific questions you might have on creating greetings.



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