Unveiling the Future of Communication with AI Phone Assistant

Establishing great communication is one of the fundamental aspects of business success. In any industry, customers want to receive prompt and responsive service. If they don’t feel like they are receiving this, they will move on to one of your competitors.

In today’s world, there are a multitude of communication methods available. From email to instant messaging and texting, customers expect to have several methods for contacting a business. Yet studies continue to show that consumers’ preferred contact method is the phone call. In fact, a recent study revealed that 60% of customers prefer to call small businesses over the phone rather than any other communication method. 

In the past, finding an affordable means of answering calls was challenging for small business owners. Hiring a full-time receptionist is expensive and still leaves no one available to answer the phone after hours. Giving out your personal cell phone number eliminates the need for a receptionist but is impractical and lacks professionalism.

Thanks to VoIP technology and AI, many affordable communication solutions are available to small business owners. Services like live receptionists can be essential for growing businesses, providing after-hours availability and streamlining workflows, but what if you’re looking for something more simple and cost-effective? This is where the latest AI phone assistant technology comes in. Read on to discover all of its capabilities and determine if it’s the right fit for your business. 

AI Technology: The Modern Business Communication Solution 

As you’ve watched the news and followed up on recent business trends, you’ve undoubtedly been hearing a lot about AI. The latest AI tools are already being widely used on a global scale. For business owners, this technology is currently performing marketing tasks, powering customer service chatbots, drafting technical documents, and much more. 

It has also expanded into phone answering services. When used in this application, AI meets the needs of diverse businesses that are looking for a better way to communicate with their customers.  

What is an AI Phone Assistant?

An AI phone assistant is a type of virtual assistant that performs phone answering service tasks. They are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology that understands natural speech and can respond to voice commands. In practical terms, when one of your customers calls your business, an AI phone assistant can answer the call, recite dialogue from a customizable script, and then execute the caller’s desired task. For example, it could connect the caller with a specific person or department, or it could direct them to voicemail to leave a message. 

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Unlike the pre-recorded business phone systems of the past that were highly frustrating, this new technology is comfortable and efficient to use. This is due to the ease with which AI technology understands modern speech, making it likely that your customers will not have to repeat themselves.

In addition, AI phone assistants can be trained to respond to customers in a helpful and natural-sounding way. This technology not only feels modern, but it does an excellent job of streamlining a business’s communication processes so that customers feel their needs are being met. No matter what time or day of the week your customers call, if you have an AI phone assistant, it will be handled appropriately. 

What Can an AI Phone Assistant Do?

The latest AI phone assistant technology performs several impressive functions for business owners, and it’s available to meet the budgets of smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact, the best service providers offer this technology for as little as $4.99 per month. This is incredibly beneficial to small companies that have a tighter budget but still want to deliver great customer service.

But what exactly does an AI phone assistant do? Let’s explore some of the most popular capabilities they offer.

Answer Calls Professionally

Demonstrating that your company is a trustworthy, reputable business is very important for any business owner. The way that you answer phone calls plays a large role in this since you are directly engaging with your customer base, not to mention the importance of first impressions. Implementing a virtual answering service shows that your business is well-established and organized.

When you use an AI assistant specifically, you access even more unique benefits. For example, unlike a human worker, an AI assistant is never sick, tired, or having a bad day. It answers the phone with a natural-sounding, professional voice every time, no matter what, and no call goes unanswered. 

Forward Calls

AI phone assistants can handle any type of call-forwarding system you desire. If you’re out of the office, you can have calls sent to your cell phone. If you have a business with more staff, you can set up various extension lines for each employee. Also, you can have calls sent to your voicemail when your business is closed.  

Send You Messages

When a customer leaves a message for you, your AI assistant will immediately email it to your specified address. You’ll never have to worry about lost or forgotten messages and can effortlessly review them from your device whenever you’d like. 

Announce Your Caller’s Name

Sometimes employees receive phone calls that they are not willing or able to accept immediately. With an AI phone assistant, this is no longer an issue. Before you accept a transfer call, your AI assistant will announce the caller’s name so that you can accept only the calls you need.

Block Spam and Robocalls

Not every call is an important one. Spam and robocalls are an unfortunate part of life, but with an AI assistant, you will no longer need to deal with them. This intelligent technology is capable of screening out unwanted spam and only forwarding real calls from customers and business-related prospects. 

The Benefits of AI Technology for Small Businesses 

AI technology is everywhere these days, and for small businesses, it’s delivering impressive benefits. Many of the benefits that AI offers simply aren’t possible with human workers. For example, AI phone assistant technology allows businesses to provide 24/7 customer care without putting in any late nights or overtime. Even on holidays or weekends, your phone will always be answered professionally. No matter how high your call volumes are, your AI phone assistant will never become overworked, need a break, or fail to keep up with demand. 

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Implementing AI technology also frees up your employees to handle more important tasks for your business. This means you’re not only getting more value out of your employees, but you’re also enhancing their roles and improving overall productivity. In any type of business, workers prefer to perform tasks that are rewarding, interesting, creative, and valuable to the company. In many cases, adding AI solutions frees workers from boring and menial roles, ensuring a more enjoyable work life. 

How Do I Know if an AI Phone Assistant is Right For My Business?

Are you eager to modernize your business and improve your customer service capabilities but you’re not sure what the best step is? With the multitude of solutions available, you certainly have lots to consider. When it comes to AI phone assistants, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if this technology is right for your needs:

  • Does my business require help with basic phone tasks, or do I need something more comprehensive? AI is great for basic call handling and screening. If you’re looking for call analytics, audio conferencing, call recording, and other advanced tools, a more comprehensive plan would meet your needs better. 
  • What is my budget? As we mentioned before, AI phone assistants can be incredibly affordable with the right service provider. If you’re looking to improve the way your business handles calls for the most affordable price possible, this is a good option for you to explore. 
  • Do my customers need to make appointments? For certain types of businesses, appointments are the main type of phone calls they receive. In these situations, opting for a live receptionist is a better option. 

Overall, if you’d like to weed out spam calls and implement voice-enabled call routing for an affordable price, an AI phone assistant is a great solution that delivers added convenience and professionalism. 

Experience the Future of Communication 

Recent innovation in AI technology has brought enhanced communication capabilities to businesses of all sizes. No matter when your customers call, they can be greeted by an easy-to-use AI phone assistant who understands their speech and can address their needs promptly. What’s more, industry-leading providers are making this technology available at a price point that every business can afford. 

At Phone.com, we are committed to providing small businesses with the most advanced communication solutions at a great price. Our AI-powered Intelligent Answer Bot is capable of routing your calls professionally 24 hours a day. In as little as 10 minutes, you can set up our easy-to-use system and experience this enhanced communication feature. To get started or learn more, reach out to our team today. 


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