Tips for Preventing Robocalls

entrepreneur preventing robocalls

One minute you’re being productive at work and the next your phone rings incessantly with an unknown number and your voicemail starts to pile up with cryptic messages asking for money or slick scripts about a fantastic offer you can’t miss. It’s annoying, but more so, it’s illegal.

The FTC says that “Your written or oral consent is required for ALL autodialed or prerecorded calls or texts made to your wireless number. Telemarketers have never been permitted to make robocalls to your wireless phone based solely on an “established business relationship” with you.” With life and business increasingly moving more towards mobile, robocalls are higher than ever. Here are a few tips to avoid scams and future calls:

Don’t Pick Up…

Or press anything. Sure, this is a no-brainer but it has to be said regardless. If you don’t recognize the number or have a strange feeling about it, let it go to voicemail. When you pick up and press the number, you’re engaging the system and it’ll be easier now for them to call you back.

Register Your Number with the Do Not Call List…

If it’s becoming a problem with calls every day, make sure you visit the DNC website to register your number. It takes less than five minutes.

Report the call to the FTC and FCC…

If the calls from a specific number or numbers keep coming, simply file a complaint.

Download a Robocall Blocking App…

There are several apps available for free or for a small fee that have been effective in lessening or eliminating the call frequency. You can do your own research or see the options for what the FTC or CNBC recommends.

For Customers…

If you’re using the app available on Android or iOS, here is some more information and tips from our customer service team:

  • Block the number
  • Use a Menu with an option to disconnect to filter unwanted calls; for example, if you set up a call menu that says, “To reach Jeff, Dial 1”, a robot will, thankfully, not be able to press 1.
  • The iOS app currently uses API to check if the calling number is potential spam and make the call receiver aware.

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