Ten Tips to Adopt Text Messaging in Your Business

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Only one third of businesses use some form of texting to communicate with their customers today. This is a hugely untapped business advantage.

Here are ten tips on how Phone.com helps you use text messaging (SMS) in your business: ​

1. Text messaging is included for free with all Phone.com plans.

2. All Phone.com phone numbers (toll free and local) are textable and can start sending and receiving text messages today.

3. Try my.phone.com – this new web-based user interface allows you and your staff to easily send and receive text messages from any browser.

4. Try our mobile app – use this to send and receive messages when you are away from your desk.

5. Update your website – on your website’s “contact us” page, make sure it’s clear that the main number can be both called and texted.

6. Refresh your email signatures and business cards – update to make clear that your phone numbers can also receive text messages. Remove your personal cell phones from correspondence and business cards because now you can keep work and personal phones separate.

7. Get a DID (Direct Inbound Dial) – if your business only has one main number and all your staff have individual extensions, you can add new DID phone numbers to your account so your customers can message directly with your employees.

8. Send images via text – Phone.com allows you to send/receive images (MMS) with your text message. For example, if you are a real estate broker, send a text message with a photo of your newest listing from your phone.com work number.

9. Enable notifications – enable email notifications, so you and your team do not miss a new message.

10. Be responsive – customers expect a fast response to SMS messages, so be prepared.


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