Telecom News Roundup

Telecom News Roundup

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Here’s what we’re reading this week:


Google builds gesture controls into new Pixel phone via The Economic Times

“Google on Monday revealed that it is building gesture controls and face recognition into a next-generation Pixel smartphone as it looks to fuel early enthusiasm for its upcoming flagship handset…”

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AT&T reels in $984M contract with Department of Justice
via Fierce Telecom

“AT&T announced on Monday that it has reeled in a 15-year, $984 million contract with the U.S. Department of Justice…”

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Cybersecurity is becoming impossible without AI – Capgemini report via

“According to a new report from the Capgemini Research Institute, 69% of respondents believe they will not be able to respond to cyberattacks without the use of AI. Such is the velocity, volume and variety of threats thrown towards businesses nowadays, there will never be enough budget or hours in the day for humans to effectively deal with the problem in its entirety…”

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Huawei helped North Korea build wireless network – US reports via The Guardian

“Huawei Technologies, the Chinese company put on a US blacklist because of national security concerns, secretly helped North Korea build and maintain its commercial wireless network, the Washington Post reported on Monday, citing sources and internal documents…”

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How T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint fight robocalls on their network via

“Answering the phone nowadays can be like playing Russian roulette—eventually, you’re going to answer a robocall, and that’s a game nobody wants to play…”

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