Telecom News Roundup

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Reading the telecom news

Reading the telecom news


Here’s some recent telecom news we think you’ll find interesting!







SpaceX asks ITU for permission to launch 30,000 more Starlink satellites

“SpaceX is doubling-down on its orbital broadband project and has filed paperwork with the ITU to launch 30,000 more Starlink satellites.

The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is a global body which governs the allocation of international bandwidth. Any launch requires the ITU’s permission to ensure fair, safe, and responsible satellite deployments.”






Security concerns threaten an undersea cable backed by Google and Facebook – WSJ

“U.S. officials are seeking to block an undersea cable that is being backed by Google, Facebook and a Chinese partner on national security grounds.

According to a story on Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Department of Justice has indicated it’s opposed to the project because of concerns over its Chinese investor, Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co., and the direct link that the cable would provide to Hong Kong, according to people involved in the discussion.”









These Sony smartphones will get Android 10 soon

Japanese electronics-maker Sony has released the list of smartphones that will be updated to Android 10, starting December.

“Japanese electronics-maker Sony has released the list of smartphones that will be updated to Android 10, starting December.

Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 will be the first set of devices to taste the latest iteration of Android, the company said in a statement recently.”







Virgin Media agrees five-year mobile deal with Vodafone UK

Services will start moving across in late 2021, ending 20-year relationship with BT

“Virgin Media has agreed a five-year mobile deal with Vodafone after deciding not to renew its agreement with BT. The deal, which will involve more than 3 million mobile customers, ends a 20-year relationship between Virgin Media and BT-owned EE.

Virgin Mobile services will start to move across to the Vodafone network from late 2021 and its 5G products will be hosted on the latter in the near future, the company said.”






How hackers could use Wi-Fi to track you inside your home

“As connected devices such as voice assistants, security cameras, and smart appliances grow in popularity, the homes and offices where they are installed become increasingly filled with a dense web of Wi-Fi signals.”


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