Simple But Powerful Apps to Consider

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iPhone In the DarkIf you’re like most people, you’re struggling to be more organized and effective at work.

If you haven’t already done so, consolidating your work flow onto one device is a great way to save time and be more efficient on the job.

The closer you get to a true paperless office, the less time you’ll waste shuffling piles around in your work space. The best way to take a giant step toward having a cloud office is to start depending on your smart phone as a work tool.

Consider these powerful apps and think of all the physical tools you can eliminate by using them:

Deleting Wasted Space in Your Office

Start considering the power of your smart phone as one of your most useful work tools.

For almost every task you do at your desk, either at home or in an office, you can probably find an app to take the place of a physical tool. See how much more room you can create by using your smart phone to the best of its ability.

  • Social Networking. Instead of wasting time on work-related social media, use apps like HootSuite to schedule posts for when you’re busy doing something else. Apps like Trello and Campfire allow you to collaborate with other team members without having to gather in the same room, while BizzaBo and LinkedIn are ideal for making new business contacts in your industry.
  • Your New Business Phone. Your account takes care of your business calls 24 hours a day, but what about when you’re away from your desk? Download the app and you’ll turn your smart phone into the ultimate business extension phone.You can forward calls to anywhere you like, and make business calls using data or WiFi when cell service is spotty to make sure you never miss an important business connection.
  • Organizing Your Day. Ten years ago, every serious business person carried a Dayrunner-type notebook everywhere he went. Today, we can download the same type of convenience into our phones, with even more features.Use a scheduling app like Asana, Google Now, Remember the Milk or Checkmark to keep track of all your appointments. Even better, use them to schedule alarms and reminders to notify you when important dates are coming up.
  • Accept Credit Cards Anywhere. If you’re an independent business person, you may have been limited to cash and checks in your business. Now you’ve got the opportunity to accept credit cards anywhere you can use your smart phone.Download the Square Register app and hook up their swipe square to your phone. It automatically turns your phone into a cash register that accepts cards. For artists, independent contractors and anyone working in a tip-related field, this app can take your business to another level.
  • Keep Your Business Secure. Security is probably the most important issue you’ll face in today’s digital environment. It’s a reason for concern, but it can be dealt with by downloading powerful protection to make sure your information stays private.The Box app allows you to store documents, photos or other information safely in the cloud, away from prying eyes. HotSpot Shield will encrypt your work when you work in a public WiFi spot, keeping your work private. Download My Secret Folder to add a separate compartment for work files on your iPhone, and use TigerText to send and receive text messages that self-destruct, leaving no evidence around for rivals to find.

You may not be running your entire business from your smartphone yet, but with a new crop of business apps and tools, it’s possible for you to spend days on the road without losing a bit of productivity. Learn more about how you can turn your smartphone into your most valuable business tool.


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