Should You Consider a Virtual Phone System for Your Business?

Young man working from home on a mobile phone.

Young man working from home on a mobile phone.


Every business has a different set of needs based on its structure and customer geographics. Although some businesses remain local, business is becoming more global requiring changes in every aspect of your business. Whether it is infrastructure, networking, communications or staffing models, things are changing and at a fast pace.

Is a virtual phone system right for your company? Reviewing the cost and benefits will help you find out if a virtual phone system is right for you.

What is a Virtual Phone System?

 A virtual phone system works using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It was developed in 1996 and has been building in the market since. Over 50% of businesses have already phased out their traditional phone systems and switch to virtual. (Fun fact: Our very own Alon Cohen is “The Man Behind VoIP.”)

 VoIP lets users make and receive telephone calls over a high-speed internet connection, instead of a regular phone line.  The business receives a virtual phone number. It is stored in the virtual cloud system accessible through any device with an active internet connection.

Many independent contractors and small businesses opt for virtual phone systems instead of making a huge investment in a traditional one. These systems make it simple for a location independent entrepreneurs to work remotely since all they need is a device with internet access.

Key features and benefits of virtual phone systems

One of the most attractive features of these systems is the financial savings. From installation to monthly bills, this is a system that won’t drain your bank account.


The reason that most say is generally inexpensive is that there isn’t any expensive equipment to buy or set it up. It works with your existing equipment, network and internet connection. Thus, you start getting a return on investment (ROI) almost immediately.

Monthly savings also kick in right at the start. So, how much will you save?

  • Operational Costs – Up to 75%
  • Local Phone Bills – Up to 40%
  • Overall Phone Bill – Up to 30%

Mobile Productivity

A Virtual Phone System works where you are, whether in your office or in a coffee shop. Calls are instantly forwarded to your cell phone or phone app no matter where you are so long as you have mobile network coverage and internet. Never miss a business call again.

Professional Appearance

Start-up companies and independent workers are dynamic, modifying their business to address challenges thrown at them. Often they work out of non-traditional working spaces or move offices frequently. Virtual phone numbers move with you, regardless of how often you move.

 Since these virtual numbers are routed automatically to cell phone numbers there is no interruption in service. It can give a client a professional and good impression of a small business. No matter how big or small you really are

Appear As One

Even if you are a group of consultants all working out of your respective homes, you can still appear as one firm.  With virtual phone service, you can all have a common phone number. Calls are routed to each person using extension numbers and shared hunt groups along with free person-to-person calls.

Easy Management and Extendability

Your system is simply set up and modified through your service providers’ online portal. Features include adding or removing numbers, customizing voicemail, setting up call forwarding and viewing call logs. Each one of these is easily available on your account. 

Economical and Easy Setup

Traditional phone systems require a lot of lead time to get installed as well as expenses. Some can cost up to $20,000. A virtual phone system can be free to install, depending on your existing equipment and needs.

VoIP offers instant setup, which is so easy you can do it yourself. You can manage your entire virtual phone service account, and all its great features, with a simple app.

Virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone systems let businesses have local and toll-free phone numbers based anywhere in the world. This feature lets users appear to operate in multiple countries without the hardware cost of each phone number. This assists companies in presenting a local dialing option to customers in any location. This helps build trust and offers ease of communication.

Auto Attendant

The Auto-attendant settings replace the expense of a full-time receptionist and still answer every call timely. Users can record personalized greetings.  Customers can be automatically routed to the correct department or be offered a directory.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails can be forwarded to a designated email address where they are easily available through any device. This leads to quick and efficient follow up. It also connects multiple offices flawlessly and offers staff the tools and flexibility needed to work no matter where they are.

Call Data

VoIP gives you the ability to analyze call data in-depth with detailed reports about your customers’ calling patterns, demographics, even their mobile providers. You can see it in easy-to-understand graphs with the push of a button. More data to help you find out what customers are and what they want.

You’re In Charge

There are times when you don’t want to receive business calls. This your “you time”. With virtual systems, you decide when you want calls forwarded.

Final Thoughts

So what do these statistics mean for your organization? These days making the switch to VoIP is easy and cost-effective – more than ever. Armed with these facts, you can understand that VoIP is here to stay. Now is the time to take advantage of this amazing technology.

Traditional phone systems are coming to an end. Phone companies around the world are taking the remaining ones to maintenance only or transferring them over to fiber. Soon every business will make the move, it’s easy, simple and saves money.

What are you waiting for? Take the next step to set up your virtual phone system.



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