Need for Scalability and Mobility Drives VoIP Adoption in 2015

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Do your office phones run on a legacy PBX system that is on its last legs? Are you considering switching to Voice over IP?

Turns out, you’re not alone. More than 50 percent of business owners looking to switch to VoIP are doing so because they’re seeing end-of-life system issues with their old PBX infrastructure. Things fall apart.

This insight is part of the Business VoIP Report for 2015, compiled by Software Advice, a free online service offering VoIP system reviews. The chart below shows just some of the issues that businesses with older PBX systems face.

Legacy PBX pain points Current Pain Points for Legacy PBX Users

Two other reasons PBX users are now considering a switch to VoIP include the need for scalability and a pressing requirement for mobile extensibility.

Grow With Me

Businesses large and small need to add and remove phones quickly. Adding seasonal employees? Downsizing a division? Moving a whole department to another city? A phone system that can easily scale or be reconfigured saves you time and money. The flexibility of hosted VoIP just makes good business sense.

Take Me Mobile

Gone are the days where we sit at our desks—you no longer have to return to the office to take or make calls. And according to the Business VoIP Report, call forwarding to a mobile device is one of the most requested desk-phone functions.

Requested FeaturesFeatures Requested by Survey Respondents

Daniel Harris, Market Researcher at Software Advice notes that businesses relying on mobile that currently use a legacy PBX phone platform cite a lack of mobile extensibility and scalability as significant problems. Do you find this in your business too?

We Can Help!

Hosted VoIP solutions like offer everything you need to jettison your legacy PBX system and adopt a more scalable, extensible solution.

  • Add phone numbers and extensions, along with desk, mobile and softphones, in real time and as needed.
  • Dramatically reduce your operating costs, as well as those involved in adding, removing, and reconfiguring desk phones and extensions.
  • Let your employees forward desk calls to their mobile phones when they’re out of the office. Our caller-ID function lets your staff use mobile devices  for work calls without revealing their private phone numbers.
  • Features! Great domestic and international calling rates, mobile apps and VoIP features, free conference calls and free local SMS. It’s all there. includes over 40 standard features, all wrapped up in a modern phone service, starting at $9.99 per month.

If you want to know more or have questions, talk to our team and get started today!

Source: Business VoIP Report for 2015 (Software Advice)

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