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You may have noticed that a few things have changed here at Most notably, this shiny new website! While our communications platform and delivering rock-solid phone service to our business customers remains our focus, we knew there was plenty we could do to improve the way we talk about’s pricing and product offering to the world. And so we present our brand new website!

Thinking Forward

The refreshed represents not only a slick new site where you can learn all about our product and services; it’s also a focused effort to place design and your user experience at the forefront of the brand. With our greatest single benefit being a really cool self-service platform, it goes without saying that having an online experience that “makes sense” is very important. This new website is just the beginning, and over the coming months we plan to extend this design philosophy to our product UI, as well as updates to our mobile apps and product lineup.

So what’s changed? Well, we have a handful of new goodies that our existing customers will love—like a brand new Support Center, a showcase for our IP phones, and an enormous new inventory of local vanity phone numbers. But we’ll be talking about all of that over the coming weeks.

New Site

Today, let’s talk about what actually does, and where you can learn about it on the new site. Let’s start with features, because we have lots of them. The platform includes more than 50 features that elevate your phone service, making it a truly business-grade product. Of course, like all other phone companies, we provide dial tone with local, long distance and international calling, but it’s our self-service features that are really awesome. And most of them come standard with every account.

Phone Numbers

We offer a variety of phone-number options, from local, toll-free and vanity numbers, to bringing your existing phone number with you when you switch to You’ll find these options on our new Phone Numbers page, where you can search our number inventories.


User Extensions

User Extensions are a big component of the platform. With our service, you can give each of your employees their own extension, along with the flexibility to connect with almost any type of phone. Features used on each User Extension are unique to that extension, and they can be replicated across each new extension added.

The great thing about our User Extensions is that they are FREE to add. Minutes are billed, or you have the option to upgrade User Extensions to unlimited minutes, but simply adding extensions is always free and easy!


Call Handling

Think of Call Handling is the traffic cop on our platform, directing calls where to go and when. You can have fun designing and building your phone system—just visit the Call Handling page to see everything you can do with an incoming call.



The way we price things here at is a little different from what you may have seen with the other guys. Instead of per-seat pricing, we offer a single totally affordable plan, at a low $9.99/mo, as a starting point for businesses of any size. This plan includes everything you need to get things up and running—like a phone number, some minutes, and a bunch of features. But it also comes with the flexibility to add users at no additional cost, apart from the minutes they use.

This is quite different from our competitors, who charge as much as $20 or $30/mo for each user you add. Instead, gives you the option to add free users and pay only for the minutes they use, with the option to upgrade a User Extension at any time to unlimited minutes for $23.99.

By offering a core product like User Extensions this way, businesses can grow their phone systems infinitely at very little cost—that cost only increasing as minutes are used. It’s a great way to start today even if you’re not exactly sure what you need tomorrow.


We’re Always Interested to Hear What You Have to Say!

So now you know a little about our new website. If you’re curious about or there’s something we haven’t done a good job explaining, we’d love to hear about it! Our site is constantly evolving, and it’s feedback from our customers that will help us identify gaps. We’re always listening!


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