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Live receptionist service

Making a favorable first impression remains a key factor to succeed in the business world. And now with the numerous communication channels open to customers, partners, and vendors, this task has become massive for any business. Additionally, people have come to expect quick and efficient service in all their interactions, this is especially true when they are contacting companies.

Although there are many ways to contact a company, many times people still prefer to pick up the phone and call them directly. Even with all the advances in online customer service, live chats, chatbots, and more, it seems that most issues are more easily resolved with a simple phone call than writing an email, or sending a direct message on the official social media profiles.

So, it should be obvious that if there are many people calling companies, there should be many people answering those same calls. And yet the most common customer service complaint is long wait times and endless transfer loops. To handle all the incoming communications, large companies simply look to hire specialists to become part of their team. Although this solves the issue, the costs associated with hiring your own team of customer service representatives can be a prohibitive cost for small startups and solopreneurs.

A great cost-effective solution for this issue is hiring a live receptionist service of your own.

Here are 8 ways how our live reception service can enhance your business.

The main activity that a live receptionist service takes over is the answering of all incoming phone calls. Whenever anybody calls your company’s phone a customer service professional answers in your name and uses a scripted response. This service improves your company a in several ways.

  1. Great Impression: This gives callers the impression that they are calling a reliable, professional business that cares about their needs. And this feeling can lead towards more sales, more loyal customers, more solid relationships.
  2. Fulfill Customer Needs: Live receptionists are also able to take the appropriate action that each call requires, such as taking messages and sending them via email or text, or transferring calls to the right extension, mobile phone, or voicemail. This is crucial because you are effectively fulfilling your caller’s expectation, which is getting a solution with their call.
  3. Attended Transfers: A live receptionist can complete attended transfers when needed. Whenever a more complex call comes through, your live receptionists can help your customer not only get the assistance they need, but also helps your team members prepare to handle that complex call.
  4. Handle Multiple Calls at Once: A live receptionist service is fantastic for businesses with a high incoming call volume, because our team of highly trained receptionists can receive multiple calls at once.  This eliminates the need for your customers to wait because all the telephone lines are busy. Just having someone pick up immediately can be the difference between closing a deal and losing business.
  5. Weed Out Spam Calls: A live receptionist service is your first line of defense against spam and robocalls. Do not waste one more second on these annoying calls and use that time to focus on what is truly important for you and your business.
  6. Handle Confidential Info without a Problem: Our live receptionists are highly-trained customer service representatives, and as such they are able to take calls for many types of companies in various fields such as legal, medical, and real estate, to name just a few.
  7. Get All-Day Coverage (with no lunch breaks): A live receptionist service can answer your phone even if your office isn’t open. If somebody calls your phone between the hours of 8:00 AM Eastern Time and 9:00 PM Eastern Time you can be sure that there will be somebody on the other side of the line ready to help them out.
  8. Set Appointments with Ease: And last, but not least, our live receptionists can take care of booking appointments on your behalf. Anytime somebody calls to schedule a meeting, they can check your availability and schedule it right on your calendar – eliminating the frustrating back-and-forth that can be involved in scheduling appointments.

Easy setup

Interested in signing up for our live reception service? Setting up a live receptionist service is very easy. You just need to complete a simple intake interview and 24-48 hours after that your calls start answering calls for you. The best part is that there is no long-term contract, so you can cancel the service at any time.


When hiring a live receptionist service, you usually have a few plans to choose from, what varies is the number of minutes you will need the service for. There are plans that include 50, 100, or 200 minutes. So, you can choose whatever plan makes most sense to your business.


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