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LIVINGSTON, NJ–(Marketwire – April 22, 2009) – Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of its Virtual Number service. This new service allows customers to choose one primary phone number that will function as the gateway to all of their cell, land line, or VOIP phones.

A Virtual Number offers an array of useful features such as: transferring an existing phone number to operate as the primary Virtual Number and the ability to upload address books from most major email programs. Contact information from the address book can then be used to program call routing based on caller-id, to enable click-to-call, call blocking, and many additional tasks.

“How many phones do you have personally — two, three, more? A regular cell, a PDA, a home phone, a business line or two, some new VOIP gadgets?” asks Ari Rabban, CEO. “We are so pleased to introduce a service that will give you the ability to publish only ONE phone number, either a new one or one of your own numbers that you can port to — and then you decide which of your devices will ring, when they will ring, and also where you will direct the messages.”

Rabban also highlights the financial savings built into Virtual Office. “The best feature in todays economy is the price: plans start at $4.88/month and if you refer customers your price will reduce at the rate of one dollar per referral until you are getting your service for FREE — beyond that we are actually giving our customers monthly credit for each additional referral. These credits can be used for extra minutes, upgraded features, and more. Its a great way to stay connected.”

Drawing on some of the features of its award-winning Virtual Office product, Virtual Number will include voicemail, free international calling to popular destinations, send fax, call routing based on a time schedule, call recording, caller-id routing, SMS voicemail notification, email delivery of voicemail as a .wav file, and much more. Voicemail transcription is also available for a small additional fee, as are other upgrades.

Please visit our features page for a full list. All of these services come with our highly acclaimed 24/7 customer support team.

The pricing plans, features, and referral program are easy to understand and clearly delineated on the website: Virtual Number. Prices and plans range from $4.88 to $18.88/month + tax for unlimited minutes.

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