University – Creating a Menu System for Your Business

Menus (or phone trees) are a great way to enhance your customer’s experience with a professional greeting and a listing of department options for your business. Creating a menu on your account requires the following steps to complete:

  1. Add a greeting for your menu that outlines the number selections a caller can enter (e.g. press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service).
  2. Add a menu and attach your greeting.
  3. Set up the forwarding options for each number prompt on your menu.
  4. Forward your number to your menu.

Now that we understand the process, let’s walk through this step-by-step.

Adding a Greeting

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting.
  2. Enter a nickname for your greeting in the Nickname field.
  3. Record your greeting using either Text To Greeting, Record From Phone, or Upload New File.
  4. Select Save Greeting.

Adding a Menu

Now that your greeting is made, you’ll add a menu to your account and attach the greeting as the primary message. 

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Add a Menu.
  2. Enter a name for your menu in the Name field.
  3. Select the greeting you made in the steps above in the Outgoing Message section.
  4. Select Continue.

Configuring Your Menu

This process will differ depending on your unique needs. In our example, we will show how to set up the forwarding for one of the number prompts on the menu. You can replicate this process and configure your settings as needed.

  1. Select Edit for menu option #1.
  2. On the Call Handling Rules page, change Select Operation to Forward Call.
  3. Enter an extension number in the white box.
  4. Select Save Rule Settings.

The above was a simplistic forward call setup to an extension on our account. Please modify this as required for your particular needs.

Forwarding To Your Menu

The final step is to forward your number to your created menu. 

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers.
  2. Select Edit for the number you want to forward to your menu.
  3. Select Edit for Number Action.
  4. On the Call Handling Rules page, change Select Operation  to Goto Menu.
  5. Select your menu in the drop-down box.
  6. Select Save Rule Settings.

Your menu setup is now complete. Anyone that calls your number will hear your menu greeting and can choose the number selection selections you have created in your settings.

That’s it for today, see you next Monday for some more knowledge!


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