Opportunity Is Calling: 5 Proven Reasons to Use Virtual Voicemail

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When you start a business, you need to ensure everything runs in a cost-effective manner in order to remain open and profitable. You also need to keep communication open between you, your members, and clients.

Businesses that implement effective methods of communication are 50% more likely to reduce employee and client turnover rates. Finding methods to keep communication open by using online services is especially important.

Moving from landline to a virtual voicemail is a smart move in many ways for your business. If you still aren’t convinced you should go virtual, take a look at these 5 benefits you get making the simple switch.

1. Provides Mobility

When you use a wired phone service, you can’t take it everywhere you go. Well, maybe you can (within your country), but the extra work and wires don’t make it fun. Even if you want to move rooms within a location, it can be a hassle.

Business owners that run an on-the-go business are more likely to find this troublesome. However, having a virtual phone number can rescue you from this. You also don’t have to contact your phone company when you decide you want to relocate. You can say goodbye to the physical restraints.

Keeping your service virtual allows you to move anywhere you want without having to worry about hauling everything with you (except maybe your laptop). Switching to a virtual number is easy, and oftentimes you can keep your own number during the porting process.

2. Versatile Features

Opting to use a virtual phone system for all your needs such as your voicemail allows you to take advantage of versatile features. When you own a business, several people are using the system and many customers are calling.

If you have many calls in the queue, you can better strategize your approach to calling back clients that leave a voicemail. While you are busy doing something else, you can read a feature like voicemail-text transcriptions when you or your team are unable to make a call back right away.

Another great feature is the ability to forward those messages and voicemails. When you need another team member to listen to something or read something important from a voicemail, you can send them the full file.

This saves energy and reduces relay errors. Having the ability to interact with your customers and workers online is easy.

3. Enhanced Client Communication

Ten or twenty years ago, the idea of owning a business completely online was hard if not impossible. Today, businesses can keep physical locations and add online services or keep a business fully remote if they choose to. As a business grows, you are more inclined to travel to speak with clients.

However, this does not take away the importance of conducting important calls or listening to them when someone fails to reach you. There are some companies that do not use voicemail at all, thinking it’s a wise business move.

This is because some believe picking up voicemails takes too much time. Removing voicemail is not good for every business. Especially not for small to medium-sized businesses who are starting out.

Voicemail services are needed to keep the communication line open with your client. Rather than making your clients wait for an opening time within your office hours or transferring the calls to the third party, you can still allow them to leave a voicemail online.

Important calls you need to know will not get missed and even if a client doesn’t speak to anyone, the ability to leave a message makes them happy they can call at times more convenient to them.

4. More Convenient

Landlines often fail you in the event of a power outage or if anything else goes wrong with the device. If the phone system turns off, even for a second, you may lose all the voicemails saved on the system.

In the event of a power outage, everyone on the team can still access voicemail service and your clients can still call you on their phones.

When you use an online voicemail service, you do not have to worry about lost messages. Virtual voicemail is more convenient because of its ability to store all voicemail without having to worry about the possibility of it getting deleted.

If you receive a lot of calls in your business, another concern is preventing your inbox from getting full. Virtual voicemails do not have limits in regards to space. You won’t have to worry about deleting old messages just to be able to listen to a new one either. These features make using and offering voicemail services more convenient for you and your clients.

5. Makes Recording More Professional

Voicemail services also give you the ability to create an automated voicemail for your clients to listen to. Of course, you can still use an automated voicemail message, but leaving a personalized message leaves a positive impression on clients who view them as caring and professional.

If you want to create multiple recordings, you can. You are not limited to just one as you might be with wired phone services. You and your workers can create several recordings needed within the team, within a service, or when you want to add another number.

Improve Business Communication With Virtual Voicemail

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are great for small businesses. They are the best choice when you consider today’s Internet-driven society. The benefits a virtual voicemail service offers you and your clients gives it the upper hand over wired telephone services.

Overall, switching is also more cost-effective and is one way you can reduce overhead fees. You can keep the communication line open 24/7 without having to worry about hiccups.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, contact us and we can help you set up a virtual phone service for your business.



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