New Mobile Office App for iOS

As BYOD grows, app gives multiple phone numbers, visual voicemail and much more

NEWARK, N.J. – Nov. 20,, a cloud-based phone company focused on the needs of small business and entrepreneurs, today launched a new iOS app – Mobile Office — that gives business people more control over their personal and business communications on their iPhones. The new app offers features for iPhones while underscoring how firmly rooted BYOD has become.

The app’s key new feature allows small business owners to manage several telephone numbers on their mobile phones, letting them separate their professional and personal profiles while only carrying a single phone on the go.

Maintaining separate phone numbers on a single device means business people need no longer reveal their personal phone numbers to customers, partners or clients. Users can now associate specific numbers with different roles or projects in their professional lives.

The Mobile Office app is available now in iOS format for Apple iPhones. Versions of the app compatible with other mobile operating systems such as Android and Blackberry are also available. CEO and co-founder Ari Rabban said: “Our new iOS app is so slick and straightforward; it truly transforms the iPhone into a BYOD multi-line phone. We believe that business owners and entrepreneurs will quickly experience a big boost in productivity when they use it.”

The new Mobile Office app offers many benefits that help business people customize and simplify their communications, taking care of business from anywhere:

  • Visual voicemail lets users read through voicemails instead of listening to them, making the process more discreet and convenient
  • Send and receive SMS text messages using phone numbers associated with work projects
  • Receive fax messages on iPhones
  • Keep work-related voicemails and fax messages separated from personal ones
  • Initiate or join a conference call with a single click
  • Save money in callback mode, when it is cheaper to receive a call than to make a call
  • Block telemarketing or other nuisance calls
  • View call logs, call time, call duration and tap to call back
  • Organize contacts in a comprehensive address book for iPhone and business service contacts, allowing separation between business and personal contacts
  • One-digit speed dial to most-dialed numbers
  • Three-digit extension dialing to reach work colleagues as if users were dialing from their office phones
  • Customize your own background photos

The Mobile Office iPhone app is free to download and comes with 300 free minutes and free conference calling before users need to sign up online for a account. It is immediately available from the app store at iTunes.


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