New & Chrometa Integration Streamlines Time Tracking

Chrometa logo is delighted to announce that a new integration with Chrometa time tracking software is now available.

Chrometa is used by lawyers, accountants, architects, freelancers, and others to make sure they get paid for every minute of work on documents, meetings, and now phone calls and text messages using

The Time Tracking Challenge

Professional service providers must track and log all activities. Professionals charge an average of $150 an hour, so any time that isn’t properly accounted for is literal money. But manual time tracking, even with a timer is an onerous, and error-prone chore.  Every disruption or attempt at multi-tasking creates the risk that billable time will be missed.

That’s why smart professionals turn to Chrometa.

How it Works

Most of us do work on connected devices like laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Because of this, Chrometa software that runs in the background is the ideal solution. It tracks everything you do electronically without your toggling anything. Just go about your day writing emails, drafting documents, answering phones, and attending meetings.

In other words, do your work, and don’t worry about pressing the button or picking up the pen to track your time. Chrometa can track everything you do across devices, so you’re not limited to one computer or device. Chrometa captures the date, time spent, the person spoken to, and an optional description of the call.

Chrometa then uses rules to assign time each to the right client or matter and then exports it to Salesforce, QuickBooks or another billing system for easy invoicing.

The solution also lets you tag files, folders, and URLs with client accounts or client matter numbers to filter work history. You can create keyword-based rules so Chrometa can automatically assign the entries to a specific client, project, or matter.

Benefits of for Chrometa Users

  • Your billable phone calls are automatically captured in the timesheet and filed under the correct client and matter, regardless of whether you are using a PC, MAC, or mobile device.
  • Your video meetings are added to the client’s timesheet and invoices without any manual action on your part.
  • Your contact lists are kept in sync with Chrometa.


We are proud to add Chrometa to our growing list of integration partners.


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