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photo-1465188035480-cf3a60801ea5It’s a real dilemma. You’re scheduling an important business call, but your calendar is unpredictable. Do you give them your office number or cell?

If you give them your office phone, there’s a risk you’ll miss the call if you have to step away from your desk. On the other hand, giving out your cell phone number could really put a kink in your positive work/life balance. It can also sometimes appear a little less than professional. That’s why gives you the tools you need to take your business with you.

With, your office number goes with you. Separate work and personal calls, connect remote workers and present that big company image you’ve worked so hard to establish. provides you with a dedicated business number, plus the ability to present menu options to all your callers (you know, like “press 1 for sales, 2 for support,” etc.), and connect them to anyone in your company, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. It’s like having a second line for your cell phone, just for your business calls.

We also have free soft phones for your laptop or desktop so can make and take calls anywhere you have Internet access. If you feel like it, you can even say goodbye to the office phone forever, and reclaim that precious desktop space. Your clients will never know the difference, and you’ll also enjoy HD calls*. (Don’t worry, if you’re really into desktop phones, we still support those too.) has the right mix of features and apps to make your business as mobile as you need to be. You don’t need a receptionist when you have menus as robust as those offered by “right out of the box.”

Other features allow you to work from anywhere include:

  • Call transfer from any phone to any phone.
  • Call screening to keep a positive work/life balance.
  • Call recording to ensure you don’t miss any details.
  • Caller analytics that make sense of your company’s phone activity.
  • Dial by Name Directory so your callers get to just the right person.
  • Menus that put the most important information up front.

When you need to hit the road, make sure your phone service let’s you take your business, and your image, along for the ride. .

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