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We had the pleasure of chatting with Ken Bass from Spectrio about his background, the company’s growth over the years, working with as a strategic partner, and where Spectrio is heading.



Tell us about Spectrio and your role there?


Spectrio is a growing marketing services company, focused on brand messaging and our ‘in-store marketing’. We help companies talk to customers when they’re on location or reaching out via the telephone. I started at Spectrio over 12 years ago and work with value-added partners like to help our clients save money, become more efficient, and sound more professional.

When I started in 2006, Spectrio was 35 people and today we’re at 200. We’ve been able to successfully grow our business through partnerships and acquisitions, and working with great companies like


How did it start with

The relationship started based on two companies’ commitment to partnership and mutual admiration. About six years ago Mitch Keller (Spectrio Co-Founder) connected with Alon Cohen ( Chief Technical Officer). They saw in no uncertain terms that the future was IP phone-based systems, connecting networks for businesses. I had a background in voice network, which made me the go-to guy. I connected with Joel Maloff ( SVP Strategic Partnerships & Chief Compliance Officer) on partnerships and we were off and running. I still am the de facto sales engineer for Spectrio, working with our sales team on the development and features offers.


Where’s the relationship today?

By successfully marketing to our customers, we built hundreds of accounts and extensions. The power of partnership! We found that we needed to build and manage many extensions across our account, so I worked with Joel and Alon on the feature known as ‘Replicator’. Through’s open API and fair cost point, we were able to build hundreds of accounts with advance feature sets at a fraction of the cost. I personally can’t wait to see what comes up with next.


Read more about the company at You can follow them on Facebook at Learn more about’s Agent program at, email us at [email protected] or call for more information at 800.842.3394.



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