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AppCard is a personalized marketing loyalty program for retailers, independent grocers, and franchises. We spoke with Dan Winnick, a product engineer, about a custom integration provided.


Tell us about AppCard.


AppCard is a loyalty program provider for large merchants, grocery and retail providers. When a customer checks in and makes a purchase, AppCard starts the process of collecting the SKU-level data for the purchases. Working across multiple retail locations, AppCard is able to segment audiences using AI based on purchase history, stability, and profitability. This allows AppCard then to personalize coupons and incentives for individual consumers to increase engagement and loyalty while providing complete conversion measurements of the process.


What kind of criteria in a telecom provider was AppCard looking for?

As a customer-focused technology startup company, AppCard required a higher degree of service flexibility in its telecom provider. Beyond customer service inbound and sales outbound calls, AppCard needed a service provider that would partner with them on custom development applications and caller analytics for deeper data integration.




AppCard reached out to and connected with CTO and Integrations Expert Alon Cohen. After a preliminary requirements conversation, was able to step in as telecom partner for AppCard by providing CRM integration, caller analytics, custom IVR functionality, conferencing capabilities and unique Click-to-Call functionality for customer retention.


How did we create a custom telecom service for you?


Specifically, AppCard asked to assist in the development of a click-to-call outbound call automation. This application would initiate contact with current customers that had technical, billing or credit card issues. Once a customer had received the AppCard call, they would be provided an automated interactive voice response system to correct the problem.


And the results?


AppCard’s billing click-to-call application had two results. First, it saved AppCard’s customer service hundreds of man-hours in outbound phone calls. Also, the application was able to correct billing inconsistencies thereby increasing customer retention.


‘When AppCard needed a flexible but powerful telecom provider, we chose From reliable desktop call provider to cutting edge API integration with our CRM, has become an invaluable business partner for AppCard.’ – Dan Winnick, Product Engineer, AppCard

Check out for more information on their services. Learn more about’s Agent program at, email us at [email protected] or call for more information at 800.842.3394


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