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New business resources

Many of our customers are in the process of starting a new business. It makes sense because selecting the best communication solution and the right virtual phone number for your business is crucial to success. But we know getting a phone system set up isn’t the only task for new business owners.  

That’s why we’ve partnered with TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company), creators of How To Start an LLC. The TRUiC team is dedicated to helping folks navigate the path to business success. They provide detailed information and valuable tools to make the process less overwhelming. Check out these fantastic free resources.


Small Business Ideas

You may already have a winning idea for your small business, but if you are just thinking about what will be the most profitable business for you, you are in luck. They’ve compiled a comprehensive list of small business ideas to help you find the perfect option. You’ll discover home-based business ideas, social media businesses, and mobile businesses. They’ve even broken down businesses with low startup costs and those that are most likely to be recession-proof.  


Business Name Generator

Picking a great name for your business is one of the most important things you can do, but it can be tricky. With the Business Name Generator, all you need to do is enter a few keywords related to your business and the location if your company will serve local customers. The Generator will offer dozens of unique, relevant ideas for your business name. Better yet, it will even check to make sure the “.com” URL for that name is available, helping you find a business name and a domain name all at once. 

Choosing your business name is only the first step. Once you select it, you’ll need to check the database for your state to see if the name is available for you to register. Sound complicated? Don’t worry; TRUiC has your back here too. Next, you’ll find a link to your state’s database and instructions to search for and register a business entity name.


Best Website Builder

No matter what business you are in, having a website is essential these days. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be a technical expert or graphic designer to have a great site that tells your brand’s story and helps you interact with customers. Many tools are available to help every business owner create a site that works for them. So many, in fact that it can be challenging to choose which one to use. Thanks to the TRUiC team’s best website builder content, you can learn the pros and cons of the top solutions. So whether you’re looking for the easiest to use, least expensive, or most customizable, you’ll find exactly where to look.


Best LLC Services

Hiring an online limited liability company formation service lets you focus on the business of running your business while someone else takes care of business setup tasks such as LLC filing, premium registered agent services, customer privacy protection, online access to business documents, and more. There are many such services, so TRUiC created the Best LLC Services resource to help break down the advantages of the top six services.


Best Banks for Small Businesses

Banks offer a variety of features and perks to earn your business. The Best Banks for Small Business page breaks them all down so you can select the one that gives you the most bang for your buck. The reviews consider the perks and features, costs and requirements, as well as the security protections offered by each of the top 6 business bank accounts.  

As you can see, TRUiC provides a wealth of information and resources to help you establish and manage your business, all at no cost to you. You’ll find applicable and actionable details no matter what state you are in.  



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