Jonathan Jones, CEO, Jones Web Designs

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Name: Jonathan Jones

Title: President / CEO

Business Name: Jones Web Designs


Tell us about your business: Jones Web Designs is a Watkinsville, Georgia based website consultancy committed to providing excellence in client service.

Why did you want a Virtual Phone System?: My wife and I currently run our website design business out of our home office. We were beginning to have a problem with relying on our cell phones as one of our main points of contact for our business.

Why did you choose We knew we needed a different means of telephone contact with our clients aside from our cell phones. We did not want to purchase an expensive telephone system and go thru the headache of having it installed in our home office. We then found out about “Virtual Office” and started extensively researching providers.
After about of week of comparing about 5 offerings from different providers – we decided was the best choice. Not only were we impressed with the pricing but the services provided and ease of setup also caught our attention.

What is your favorite feature?: Probably the notification features. Its nice to have a variety of options on how to receive your messages. You cant beat getting a copy of the messages on your Blackberry as an attachment. We have found the system to be very flexible, allowing you to have many options for each feature. For example, hold music or ringing option for each specific menu item/extension. The scheduling is also a great feature as it allows you to set your own hours for the phone system – thats important to us as we run the business out of our home.

Why would you recommend to your friends / colleagues?: The variety of features, competitive pricing, ease of setup and great technical support. We have been very happy with our system so far and would highly recommend it to any of our friend or clients.

Would you like to share any interesting way you use The scheduling feature is great. Our hours are Monday-Friday 9-5 but we set up our system to allow calls between 8:55-5:05 to allow for those few early or late calls. It can easily be disabled temporarily in the event of a special promotion or change of hours. The system works very well with
Blackberry device notifications – we have found no delay in receiving a message of a new voicemail – its instantaneous.

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