ITExpo: Miami, FL executives Joel Malof (SVP of Strategic Alliences) and Brent Barbar (SVP of Business Development will participate in several panel discussions at this premier event for channel partners.

Choosing the Right Vendor Partners for Profitability – Wednesday, 1:00 PM
The right vendor partner should not only provide a good and profitable product or service. The partner should provide a number of extra benefits as well. How does the partner train your staff for sales and service? Are marketing and sales materials and tools provided? What about post implementation support such as up-selling the customer? How about troubleshooting problems? Joel Maloof and the other panelists will explore many of these issues.

How to Avoid Cloud Adoption Challenges – Thursday, 1:00 PM
Every business is looking at moving to the cloud in some capacity – at least they should be. The question is, what should they migrate over, how can they do it without disrupting business operations, what cloud models make sense, what do they do with their existing infrastructure? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to cloud adoption. This session, joined by Brent, will tackle the cloud challenge head on to discuss common challenges, hidden obstacles, and best practices for a smooth digital transformation project.

Business Continuity Solutions for the Modern Business – Thursday, 3:00 PM
This session in which Joel will participate is about business continuity. There is more than one metric. Is it the same for the MSP and customer? What is the best metric that produces revenue but limits the MSP liabilities? Do you offer credits for poor performance or refund? What should contract terms cover and leave out?


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