How to Make The Most Out of Your Work From Home Setup

Working from home has become the new norm for many of us. This change can be challenging for those who have never experienced solely working from home but it doesn’t have to be. Your work from home setup should be a place where you are not only productive but also comfortable. We have compiled a list of our most beloved work from home solutions.

1. Develop A Ergonomic Work Space

Your workspace should be made to be as comfortable as possible. Start with your desk as it is going to be one of the most important things for your setup. Since you will spend the majority of your time there you want to ensure your desk is as ergonomic as possible. An ergo friendly desk has been said to not only improve physical well being but also boost productivity .

These come in many different variations from sit/stand options to built in monitor stands. If you already have a desk you adore you can opt for a desk riser which can be installed on top of an existing desk.  Ergonomics don’t stop at desks, there are a range of accessories to provide all day comfort.

Explore these Ergonomic Options:


2. Avoid Distractions

Your desk should not only be comfortable but also a place where you can be productive. For some this means creating a minimalist desk setup with only the necessities within reach and placed on top of the desk. 

You can also prevent distractions by setting up your workstation in a secluded space in your home. For those of use who do not have a designated home office you can create a private space in a place in your home with low traffic and make use of room dividers or hang curtains.

Explore this Distraction Free Solutions:

Privacy Screen


3. Customize Your Space

The best way to stay motivated, free of distractions and empowered to work is to make your space as appealing as possible to inspire you to look forward to working in that space. This is where customization comes into play. Some enjoy plants, art work, and family pictures. Feel free to let your imagination guide you.

4. Be Honest with yourself 


No one said suddenly being thrust into working from home was going to be easy. Especially for those who have not worked from home before. If you find yourself still having trouble adapting don’t worry you aren’t the only one. To feel unfulfilled, unmotivated or procrastinate is expected.

Consider some of these tips from fellow people who work from home that helped them adapt 

  • Eat lunch away from your desk
  • Prioritize Breaks
  • Go on a mid day walk to break up your work day

                       –Pomodoro Clock


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