Here’s Why Your Business Should Be Texting Your Customers

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small business owner texting using VOIP


Texting has, to put it lightly, become a dominant force in our lives. We text on the subway, in movies, on dates, and even some are silly enough to still do so while driving. [Editor’s note: don’t!] There are even multiple apps for text message-based therapists.


The point is for something so personal and so ubiquitous, it can be intimidating if you’re a new business and you’re looking for more ways to communicate with your customers who are increasingly unlikely to pick up your phone calls. So let’s look at some statistics.

In a 2014 Salesforce mobile behavior report, 90% of those surveyed said they used text message at least once per day. In a Mobile Now study by GfK, 67% of people said texting is among one of the first things they do to start their day. 68% of consumers and 83% of Millennials reported that they text more than they talk on their phones. Spend any amount of time in a metropolitan area and everyone is face down, thumbs ablaze in communication.

So what does that mean for your business? Well, with’s SMS capability, each virtual number has the ability to send and receive texts. So, why should you be using it?


98% Open Rate

Let’s look at that number once more. 98…%…open rate of text messages. And even further more, 90% of those texts are read within three seconds. That kind of engagement is unparalleled in marketing and when we think of how many thousands of emails there are piled up in our inbox, the opportunity for messaging and communication is absurdly substantial.


It makes you cozier with your customers.

Not, of course, that kind of cozy. But SMS is the most personal connection a business owner can make with another person, save for shaking their hand in person. And that dovetails into messaging; just because of the instant communication doesn’t mean that every message will be received loud and clear. This isn’t the time for cheesy slogans or robotic copy. A personal connection means something more colloquial & “real”. So make sure to craft your messaging to be relatable to your customer base.


It’s easier for them.

Since a lot of our livelihood is spent digitally, with our mobile phone in hand, it’s much quicker and more convenient for both you and your customers if problems could be solved over text rather than sitting on a phone for 25 minutes.


More, More, More.

With SMS texts, you’re able to reach more customers in much less time with your messaging, announcements, bill pay, etc. For customer service reps on the phone, they simply cannot juggle multiple calls at once. Each customer journey must be concluded before moving on. This could mean lengthy call durations with customers waiting on hold or giving up. With SMS customer support, skilled CSRs can switch between customers while waiting for a response from another.


So what are you waiting for? Start using text for your business today!

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